Sumeet Jaiswal - Yavatmal, Maharashtra


"You must be the change, you wish to see in the world" - M.K Gandhi

To change yourself, change the way of your thinking, your mindset.

Whatever you think, you become.

I am Sumeet N. Jaiswal, Architect, from Yavatmal, Maharashtra. I have been associated with Let's Make A Difference since 2011, when i first attended the three days Conference at Nagpur. The strong content of the Conference made me realize the flaws within me and my inner self. Fortunately, I happened to participate in 2012 Youth Conference at Asia Plateau. And that's where dynamic change ensued.

Earlier I was erratic and lost in my life. I didn't know what is the purpose of my life. Every one loves the college life, so do I. And I didn't realize, when that enjoyment turned into strong desire of distraction. Totally unaware of the things happening in my life, i was lost to the extent. After connecting with Let's Make A Difference, I've got the vision of thinking. Today when I look back, I feel proud of it, due to Let's Make A Difference, the seed of higher conscience was sowed within me in 2011 itself, and now it has turned into giant tree, which guides me at every quandary in my life. Today I face every uncertain situation coming in my life with a very optimistic way. I don't fear difficult situations, rather I face them with courage. If in case I fail, I don't take it as a failure, but as a learning and look into it more keenly and try to find out reason behind failure. All this has been incorporated by the four basic principals of Let's Make A Difference.

It was chilly winter of October 2018 when Viral Bhai had set an attempt to arrange a Conference in several districts of Uttar Pradesh, where I had been called as a Coordinator. It was a good chance to connect with Let's Make A Difference again, since I've had not attended the Conference from past six years, resulting the steady downtrend in the graph of my life. Then Jamshedpur Youth Conference happened in the same year, and then consecutively three days workshop at Ranchi. The Conference and Workshop made me realize what I have been missing in my life. Despite of being aloof with Viral Bhai and other fellow participants (Harshal Thackrey and Nishant Sanghi) of 2012 YC, I met with them open-heartedly. Such a strong connection !

The Conference's best part is the morning quite time. One of the ways of avoiding complexity is by incorporating tranquility and serenity into the front part of the day. This beautiful discipline gives you an absolutely essential time away from overstimulation to savor life itself. You get immersed into you inner self, and all the answers of your life automatically pops out one by one. You see ourself, who you are in real. You introspect. You realize your negative sides. You learn art of listening. And once you know where you lack, you start to work upon it, and that's where you elevate your life with higher conscience. The beauty about knowing yourself can never be expressed in words, but felt by every individual with different degrees of happiness.

I do feel proud and fortunate enough that I've got introduced to such ideology in my life, and I took control over my life. One can always be the best in chosen career, but to be the best of the human being is all that matters. You inspire others to be the best version of themselves, and it develops a sense of interegrity. Your self worth starts growing. You feel content about yourself. You get to know who you are, you see your abilities more clearly, your confidence soars, you need the stroking of the crowd a lot less and you begin to live your authentic life versus a plastic one manufactured by a world that doesn't want you to be free.

Let's Make A Difference is my Guardian Angel.  

Ar. Sumeet

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