Suman Sarkar - Jamshedpur, Jharkhand


I am Suman Sarkar from Jamshedpur. I am a Teacher by profession teaching in Kerala Public School, Burmamines at Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. I was introduced to the concept of MRA in the year 2005 by one of MRA friend Sanjay Kumar.

I was a person of dual feelings, positive and negative intuition goes parallel. I am confused, what to do a complete mess from within, I could not say no to the work which I can’t do. I am very emotional and I want to do many things for others. I got the chance to visit AP along with few new IofC Friends. I arrived at AP with lot of confusion. Then the interactions started, the sessions, everyone sharing their stories, experiences. What got me out of my shell were the Group Discussions and the countless smiles all along the stay. I could connect with many people and their sharing. Introduction to the concept of “Quiet Time” and inner voice helped me to calm all the commotion inside me. I got recognition for my feelings & as the time is passing by, I have started to get governed by my inner voice. I had found my new friend, my teacher and my guide (inner voice). Now I knew where I had to go to find my answers. All this didn’t happen suddenly on first day or in the first conference. It’s been a journey ever since. There have been ups and downs and I am grateful for the hurdles in my journey. They have helped me rise up more as a person and I realized I do not have to be average anymore.

That day I realized the importance of ‘family’, ‘friends’ and ‘positivity in life’. I believe that having loving, caring and friendly family members are one of the best blessings in life and I have that, the only thing was I always took them as granted. And I cried a lot that day and the negativity which had taken deep roots inside me washed away as the tears rolled down........ And the next moment I experienced the bliss and positivity in me. I am not saying that I changed or transformed immediately and completely but the ‘Quiet-Time’ after the family session actuated a major transformation in my life. That night I understood one more thing, that how much it is easy to be with your bad qualities and how much it is difficult to burn the negativity and bad qualities inside you. The only thought of burning my ego made me restless and compelled me to think that how we are allowing our negativity to take over the positivity inside us and getting far away from our inner selves and how we are becoming a never ending enemy to ourselves. Quiet Time helped me to rediscover an innocent child inside me, which was always there but was over shadowed due to the negativity. Quiet time helped me a lot to come out of the so called problems in life which was again not a problem but my outlook towards life.

That is the quest I am on, to find my clear reflection and grow gracefully in all aspects of life. Basically, what MRA had taught me is that at the end of the day, all that matters are to go to bed with a clear conscience. While all the values were simple to understand, Purity was the one that always intrigued me. In the December workshop we emphasize on the purity of thoughts, with extended quiet time sessions I dug deeper and deeper about purity and came across two different perceptions. One, I felt purity could also be the purity of language/words that one uses. So from that day I decided I would be very careful with the words I use and refrain from using foul language under any circumstances.  Second, Purity could also mean how neat and clean you maintain yourself as well as how you maintain your surrounding environment. MRA has brought about a lot of meaning to my life. I shall forever be indebted towards my MRA FAMILY who have always been very encouraging and who are always ready to pick me up in case I fall.  

Asia Plateau is just like heaven, a divine factory which produces Angels that’s the beauty of this place. I personally feel every youth of this nation needs to be introduced to this idea so that allows them to make a choice for themselves about the quality of life they want to live and if they choose the path, The Philosophy of IofC will bring a tremendous change in the society and the nation as a whole.

Fortunately enough I also had the life-changing opportunity to attend the December workshop. The 30 hours extended quiet time and plenty of enlightening questions I was only looking forward to it. I had heard about this workshop from friends who’d attended it earlier but of course, till the time I didn’t surrender myself to it, I didn’t know what they all meant. Somehow, I just end up believing that that week of December was the best week of my life. I found certain things about me that had made such a deep impact on me but I’d only suppressed them till the end. I realised how I could only move ahead and shun all those false beliefs I had held. I could so clearly fathom all of those things about me that were so ambiguous and uncertain up until those few moments of clarity. I knew I could be better. I knew I could change and change into somebody I would love to meet. 

Slowly and steadily I am learning and the process will go on........................... There’s a long way to go...................

I feel like I am getting richer, healed from inside living a happy life without hatred and with so much love to offer. With the supportive family and friends that I already have, the other thing that can add up to my happiness is to find more family and friends across the globe Thanks to the Almighty! I am always grateful to Viral Bhai and the entire LMAD and AP Family. 

Warm Regards,
Suman Sarkar

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