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The evolution of Initiatives of change-Odisha chapter is an attempt by dedicated youth to bring moral rearmament to Odisha. The start with a noble mission in 2003 has entered many phases and undergone metamorphosis which reflected in the form of a few initiatives. IofC-Odisha youth team mostly comprised of students has been able to create a platform which can withstand all the values of over the years. After 8 years of the first regional conference organized, the allegiance remained the same to spread larger awareness and inspire more youths to take up issues and causes, for the betterment of self and society. 


IofC friends in Odisha are involved through out the year with activities like Regular team meetings, Evening classes for under-privileged children (Akshar Jyoti), Let's Make A Difference workshops, Out-reach seminars and different activities to promote greenery and social activism under India i Care campaign.

Besides this, IofC-Odisha has the opportunity to associate with a few N.G.O's in the last few years and the youth has got the opportunity to understand society in a more efficient way. The activities of visiting rural and tribal belt of the state, staying in the villages, offering services there has enriched individuals. We also have organised Charity Shows to generate funds for the underprivileged participants.


Over last eight years with involvement of more friends, we have involved ourselves with six different initiatives:

Prayas - The regional youth conference started back in 2003 to bring the ideas of Initiatives of Change to the door steps of Orissa youth. "Prayas" is a sincere effort meant to bring out the best in youth of Orissa, by providing them a platform to realize their inner potential and to motivate them to shoulder their responsibilities and duties in the best possible way. The basic motto that we believe in is, "Change yourself to see the same changes that you have always wanted to see in the world".

Now 'Prayas' has become a four day residential youth conference in the month of Jan-Feb. Sessions like India I Care, Family Session, Relationship session, Jar Experiment, An appointment with self, ABC of IofC are conducted during this period.

Besides, Quiet time precisely gives an idea to each of us for connecting, correcting and directing ourselves according to the absolute yardsticks of Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness and Love (PHUL). These sessions are facilitated by IofC friends and thus guided us throughout the conference in understanding the concepts in a much vivid manner through personal experiences. IofC friends from different parts of the country do come to support the running of the conference.

Akshar Jyoti - The dawn of August 15th 2004, heralded a new promise and brought about a sense of newfound freedom in the form of 'Akshar Jyoti' – the light of knowledge. Mostly students of Silicon institute of Technology volunteer as part-time teachers, spending quality time with the children. Under this initiative we organize health camps for under priviledged children.

Let's Make A Difference - All the IofC workshops in Odisha are done with the title 'Let's Make A Difference'. This is a platform for all sections of people to come together and explore their life with respect to certain themes like Purpose of life, Our value system, Meaningful Living, Relationships, Responsibilities towards self, family and society, Need vs Want, Peer pressure, etc… Through out the year friends of IofC facilitate Let's Make A Difference workshops for various groups of people.

India i Care - This is a national campaign to re-build the 'Character Bank of India'. It is a process of improving on Health, Success and Happiness of your self, your family and your society. This is am opportunity for any and every Indian to get involved and be a part part of the solution rather than the problem.

In Odisha we have conducted India i Care workshops for various groups of people. We have participated un Joy of giving week celebration by collecting clothes at different location across Bhubaneswar. Apart from this plantation drives, health camps, cleanliness drives are being conducted.

Adyasha - This is the annual magazine we are bring out with below purpose:

  • Reporting of the activities done by friends of IofC Odisha.
  • Capturing experiences of participants in various activities and events through out the year.
  • Reaching out to people in Odisha and out side with the information.

Odisha Contacts

Name Email ID Phone Number
Sudam Swain 97767 13777
Saket Khandelwal 97776 91737
Anil Majhi 90904 49629

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