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Viral Mazumdar (Course Convener and Trustee)

Viral Mazumdar is a seasoned businessman with extensive international experience. In December 1993, he initiated the Youth Movement "Let's Make a Difference" focused on training young individuals and since then he has been able to touch the lives of more than 20,000 individuals. These youths are groomed to embody the timeless virtues of honesty, love, respect, empathy and responsibility, paving the way for a brighter and more harmonious future.

Affectionately referred to as "Viral bhai" by the youth community, he has set a remarkable example, inspiring, nurturing, and guiding countless young people with the tools and guidance which they need to navigate life's challenges with integrity, compassion and ethical fortitude

Under his leadership, they orchestrate Youth Conferences, workshops, lectures and region-based conferences in various cities across India. These conferences mobilize and equip youth to lead lives grounded in moral values.

Reflecting on the evolution of Let’s Make A Difference with a sense of gratitude and purpose Viral Mazumdar expressed, "A powerful thought from within, if followed with conviction, can change the course of that individual for the better, with the same unwavering faith in my inner voice, I persevered, each step forward which laid the foundation of Let’s Make A Difference for achieving something greater. Now, as I see all the different people and their stories that have crossed my path in last thirty years while doing the work, I am filled with gratitude for the diverse community that has become both the heart of the organization and an integral part of my own journey. It is with a deep sense of blessing that I acknowledge the guiding hand of a higher force, whose inspiration continues to fuel me and the mission of empowering the youth of our nation.

Neha Mazumdar (Trustee)

Neha was introduced to the idea of Moral Re-armament [MRA] when she was 14 years old. Since then, she has been involved with the movement of MRA, now Initiatives of Change for over four decades. At the adolescent stage of her life, the ideals of Moral values and Inner listening shaped her thinking and outward behaviour. This has stayed with her and will stay with her, till the very end.

After she got married to Viral Mazumdar in 1989, she inspired him to visit Asia Plateau and experience the work of MRA. He submitted himself to the idea and from that point, began the journey of Let’s Make A Difference. Together they have built the youth network, under the banner of the Let’s Make A Difference movement which has its spread, across the country and beyond.

Today, thanks to Let’s Make A Difference, several young people believe in moral values and the importance of silence which they have laid emphasis on, since its inception.

Neha have been serving and will continue to serve the cause. Through this work they have built a community which they can call it their own, like a family.

Amit Keshan (Trustee)

Amit Keshan is the founder and CEO of Webgrity, a 100% export oriented unit primarily into development of Web and Mobile Apps. Amit is associated with Let's Make a Difference since 1996.

Amit is an ardent believer in growth mindset, lifelong learning & skills development. Amit being an educator at heart has trained one to one over 200+ fresher software engineers to get them into main stream software development.

Away from work you can find Amit playing strategic games, traveling off beat places and quest philately scanty.

Rajiv Agarwal (Trustee)

Rajiv Agarwal is a distinguished lawyer with extensive experience in GST and taxation, providing expert legal advice and representation to a diverse clientele. Since 1996, he has been attending Let’s Make A Difference youth conferences, demonstrating a profound commitment to moral and ethical leadership and community service. Rajiv's passion for social causes is evident through his contributions to building the Jamshedpur Youth Conference. He leads from the front in organizing and supporting this influential event, inspiring hundreds of young individuals each year towards positive societal engagement for over two decades, and intends to continue engaging with the youth of Jamshedpur.

Bhisham Mansukhani (Trustee)

Bhisham has been connected with Let’s Make A Difference since 1998 when he first attended the annual Youth Conference at Asia Plateau, Panchgani, in June. It was at this conference that he discovered his passion for writing and calling for journalism even though he had graduated in commerce. Since then, he returned as a participant and was an active part of the Let’s Make A Difference Mumbai Chapter. After a sabbatical from 2007 to 2011, he returned as a coordinator for the 2012 Youth Conference and also went on to volunteer for university conferences and international conferences hosted by Initiatives Of Change (IOFC). More recently, he also volunteered for Let’s Make A Difference’s regional programmes in Jamshedpur. He learnt public speaking and the ability to facilitate sessions and group discussions as part of the organizing team as well as key organizational skills.

Shraddha Agarwal (Trustee)

Shraddha Agarwal is a seasoned IT leader with over 20 years of experience. She has been attending Let’s Make A Difference conferences since 2003, where she has been touched by the profound yet simple principles of the event. Shraddha is deeply involved in supporting and organizing the Jamshedpur Youth Conference, a pivotal annual gathering that brings together over 300 students to foster leadership skills and social responsibility. Her expertise in Artificial Intelligence and software projects aligns well with her passion for guiding young people and making a positive difference in society by leading with integrity. Additionally, she has extensive experience in interacting with juvenile delinquents in State Observation Home.

Brijesh Arora (Trustee)

Brijesh Arora, affectionately known as Sonu, originally from the town of Bhandara in Maharashtra, proudly holds the title of an alumnus of the esteemed Film and Television Institute of India.

Currently, he finds his passion and purpose thriving in the vibrant heart of Mumbai's Bollywood as a dedicated Screenplay Writer. His journey into storytelling began in 2003 with "Let’s Make A Difference," where he unearthed the profound resonance of his creative voice. Alongside his fulfilling career, he cherishes life with his beloved wife Anushka, his dear mother, and two delightful daughters, Samaira and Saisha.

Mudit Surana

Mudit Surana is a director at Golden Dreams, a Real Estate & Construction Company based in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, and a partner at OWLL (Obsessed With Lime-Light), an Artist Management Company, has had the privilege of exploring life independently since his childhood days. Born in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Mudit was raised across four cities, including Coimbatore, Bangalore, London, and Mumbai.

With a strong passion for music and hockey, Mudit has always been dedicated to his interests. Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, he is currently pursuing a Certificate Programme in Design Thinking & Innovation for Business Innovation from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore.

Mudit's association with Let's Make a Difference began in 2009, shortly after completing high school. Since then, Let's Make a Difference has become an integral part of his life. Guided by the ideology of "LIVE AND LEARN TO LOVE AND SERVE," Mudit firmly believes in giving back to society and fostering collective growth. This belief motivates him to return to this organization year after year.

Mudit expresses immense gratitude for the platform Let's Make a Difference has provided him. Through this organization, he has connected with individuals from around the world, forming lifelong bonds. Moreover, it has allowed him to make a meaningful impact on the lives of various individuals who will shape the future of our great nation.

Rachit Khatri

In the journey of youth empowerment, few names are as distinguished as Rachit's. His contributions towards the youth conference since 2006 have been profound. He has an ability to genuinely connect with individuals & foster them towards a personal transformation. His empathetic approach and deep understanding of the challenges faced by young people have allowed him to establish trust and rapport with participants, which is crucial for instigating meaningful change.

Rachit has been instrumental in creating environments where individuals feel safe to share and grow. Further on, just like all other coordinators, he stays engaged with individuals even after the conference, offering support and encouragement as they apply the lessons learned.

Rachit runs a branding agency by the name One2one Studios & his role as a visual designer goes beyond mere creation. His exceptional design skills have not only given a face to the cause but have also communicated its core messages with clarity and inspiration.

Sayok Sarkar

Sayok Sarkar, born and brought up in Jamshedpur, is committed to making a difference in the young people's community. His connection with Let's Make A Difference was through his parents' affiliation with the institution. His journey started when he first attended the Jamshedpur Youth Conference at the age of fifteen. Later, in 2018 and 2019, Sayok went to the Let's Make A Difference conference at Asia Plateau, Panchgani, where he experienced realizations that sparked his desire to bring about positive change. Sayok was selected for the Let's Make A Difference Fellowship. This intensive seven-month endeavour gave him fresh confidence and expanded his perspective. Sayok has been actively involved in various programs across the country since then.

Sayok is incredibly passionate about studying languages. He became fluent in Japanese by independent study using books and internet tools, earning accreditation from the Japan Foundation. Sayok can play the tabla well, having learned it at an early age and graduating with distinction from Allahabad Gharana. Under the supervision of the zoo biologist, he is currently a research intern at Tata Steel Zoological Park, where he is studying the diurnal behaviours of African Lions. In this role, he also provides support to the zoo's different education and awareness initiatives.

Sayok's academic interests are in line with his passion for biology. He studied zoology for his undergraduate at Jamshedpur. He would spend his evenings either reading, viewing documentaries on nature, or teaching students at home. In the long run, Sayok hopes to pursue a career in biological research.

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