Regional Youth Conferences


The youth team of IofC conducts Regional Youth Conferences to bring inner transformation within them to lead life with ethical and moral values and be accountable benchmark citizens who provide alternative thinking to the common men. It has helped many participants in getting direction for their lives, setting goals, improving family relations, career and their contribution towards the society.

This conference aims:

  • To inspire and motivate youth to realize their inner strengths
  • To strengthen their value system

Regional Conferences occur in different cities such as Baramati, Bhavnagar, Bhubaneshwar, Ghatshila Village  (Jharkhand),  Tamar Village (Jharkhand),  Jamshedpur, Indore, Nagpur, Ranchi, etc. These are 3 days of powerpacked Conference aimed to take the message of IofC to the Youth where ever they are. Unlike National Youth Conference at Asia  Plateau, Regional Conferences are not residential and is heavily subsidized.

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