Sumaiya Sharmin - Kolkata, West Bengal


Everyone in this world wants others to change. I want my father to change my father wants me to change. What is this change all about? I got this answer after keeping my Ego aside and look within to find the REAL ME. I realized this through the spiritual value which lies in the four letter word PHUL (Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness and Love) 

Its was actually a life changing experience for me. A journey which i never thought of, a place which changed my entire mind set. The journey was mind blowing. It was fun beyond expectation, it gave me some beautiful memories to hold on to until next time. Some big stories, sense of responsibility and caring for each other. 

Waking up to hues of purple, violet and red embedded in the blue sky, with golden rays of sun rising. At night, the stars filled the dark black sky, twinkling filling up the huge canvas of sky. The greenery, Gulmohor and petals of flowers all around the campus, birds chirping made my heart fill with joy because I don’t get to witness this peaceful sound in middle of the city. 

For me it was difficult because it was for the very first time I was going to interact with so many unknown people all around the country. We sang, danced, laughed at each other’s lame jokes. I got some few very precious people whom i can cherish. I never thought i could open up myself in front of strangers and share my problems with them. 

A big THANK YOU to Let's Make A Difference for making all the girls feel special on one particular day. I will never never forget that day. That day i realized that being a girl is not a curse it’s a blessing indeed. Even on that day writing postcards to our loved once made me miss my family for the first time in three days. I wrote my heart out and expressed myself. 

Let's Make A Difference taught me that family is important no matter how much angry or disappointed you are with your parents at the end of the day they are the only one you can rest your backs on. On that very day i promised myself not to be rude with my family members no matter whatever the situation is. I will try to handle it in a clam manner.

The most integral part was the self-realization, A huge step in the path to be truly happy, I came to know the real me. I am unique and prone to faults and mistakes. I realized it during the Youth Conference, and promised myself to work upon it slowly. So that I can be truly happy. 

So basically,  i was "socially dead" on virtual world but very active in the real world. I got a great chance to meet amazing people and listen to their stories of different ups and downs of life and learnt a lot. I was a part of a huge Joint Family. 

I can proudly say that from an impatient girl to patient one Let's Make A Difference changed me. From getting hurt in small things to letting things go self-realization played an important role. 

Thank you.

Stories of Change

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