Soniya Ramchandani - Indore, Madhya Pradesh


It all started back then in 2014 & the journey is still going on. The Journey which started from the question "What are we gonna do there?" to "I cannot miss a chance to go there." Regardless of anything I cannot miss a chance to go there.

The very first realisation that came to me when I was here was that yes change begins within you. Until it won't happen within you, nothing's gonna change. Change is beautiful. We always tend to categorise change to be good or bad but that's our way of approach to it that we make that change work for us positively or not.

When I came here, it wasn't like I got the solutions to all my problems instead I got the key to all my problems. Wondering? How one key working for all the problems? Yes, it does. This key helps me to stay in quietude & realise that the answers to all my challenges & problems lie within me, hence I have to find it.

There is an endless flow of emotions which I cannot put into words especially in these 26 letters. I always believe experiencing something is way better than listening about it, this is an experience one should take.

This Journey has been my solace.

Stories of Change

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