Snehi Saraf - Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Hello! My name is Snehi.

I am currently pursuing (hons) with LLB from Gujarat National Law University. I was introduced to MRA by my Mama and Rajmohan Gandhi. As they told about what happens at MRA I was thinking that do people really share very deep emotions that to in just 8 days of conference and thought what will we do there for a long time but because it was something mama told I was sure it would be great and worth it.

So that is how I came to youth conference in June, 2013. And to my utter shock yes it was much more than what they have told me. That place trust me is haven on earth. I have learnt a lot of lessons. I have always given much importance to morals and values and sometimes I have suffered because all people don't follow these but the inner satisfaction that you get is above all. I was losing this faith in what I have believed in all my life but after coming here it got reinstated in me like it was never before and I was so happy. After coming back from the conference people started noticing changes in me and some of them asked what did you do in Panchghani as they were baffled by seeing changes and they even asked me how can you be happy all the time.

Practicing Quiet time was not difficult for me but best part was that in a manner we were supposed to do with questions given by sir I learned how to control my mind and reach to conclusions by listening to your inner voice.

After few months my happiness was diminishing a little day by day and Sir called me for December workshop, 2013 and I felt very good and proud to be part of the workshop. This workshop was based on the lines of Let's Make A Difference.

I was unable to share my feelings with people but now I am more confident and was able to share my feelings in such a less time and trusted them enough to share with them. Thanks to MRA which gave me friends with whom I can share and beautiful memories which I will cherish all my life. Changes are constantly happening and I am evolving as a person and it gives me immense satisfaction when I am working on my realizations which I had during quiet time at MRA.

Today, I am very focused on what I want really in my life and working towards it with all the efforts and lessons which I have learned here.


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