Saloni Mishra - Kolkata, West Bengal


Lmad was not an ordinary conference for me but a major stepping stone to a better life. I never knew I would connect to people who live almost 2000 kms away or talk my heart out in front of 350 people.

The people of lmad, be it the coordinators, staffs or the participants were really very supportive and worked hard towards our betterment. Lmad not only helped me to improve my relationship with my family and friends but also with myself. It also helped me to part with my ego and all the negativity I had within myself. Apart from the moral values, Lmad also guides us with our career and a better future.

Going to Asia Plateau and amidst the nature, learning such pure values is a bliss. It is a conference I feel each person should be privileged to attend once in their life because I'm sure Lmad is making a lot of differences in many lives.

Saloni Mishra

Stories of Change

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