Sampada Adhyapak - Thane, Maharashtra


I never thought that 8 days could make such a big difference in my life but that was before my time at Asia Plateau. I decided to surrender and see what happens, and before I knew, I was enjoying like never before. Over the course of these 8 days, I have changed in so many aspects that after going back, I was worried how I was going to be able to cope with the impression of old me, but almost everyone I know is happy with the changes I had gone through.

Before Let's Make A Difference I had decided to give up on some relations and not put in any efforts from my side and was ready to give those up altogether. But after the “My Life My Happiness” exercise and understanding the concept of “Unconditional love”, I felt inspired to work even harder on the relations and since then as far as I am concerned, I have seen good progress in these relations.

I had lost contact with one of my closest childhood friends for some reason I can’t even get together. But just yesterday I mustered up the courage to call her and listening to her voice after about 6 years made me feel really happy from within.  Another polluted relation I have is with one of my Professors at my college and as soon as college reopens, I am going to try and mend this relation as soon as possible. Let's Make A Difference has given me the confidence required to go and try and mend the relationship.

A chapter of my life that I will always cherish is how many and how beautiful bonds I have been able to make while I was at Let's Make A Difference. I was surprised to see how deeply we know each other, whereas we were complete strangers less than a month ago. I will always cherish the people I have met here.

The activities we performed at Let's Make A Difference helped me get more clarity in terms of the situations where I was dealing with dilemmas and made me feel more confident about my decisions.

One of my favorite activities after Let's Make A Difference is to go through my diary and revisit those beautiful moments I spent at Asia Plateau. After Let's Make A Difference, I realized that there are so many positive changes in me that I can hardly believe that all of this happened in a mere span of 8 days. There were many things that I was doing for the sake of it but only after returning did I realize what kind of significance and impact these things had on me. The different activities and demonstrations helped me understand new concepts and inculcate new habits for my own betterment. The people I met there have played a significant role in my life. The type of bonds I have made while at Let's Make A Difference is going to help me throughout my life. I tried so many new things and coming out of my comfort zone felt fun and nourishing. The type of environment we lived it was mesmerizing and I found a new home away from home. My relations with my family as well as friends improved to a great extent. I now feel more comfortable in my own skin.

I hope I will be able to follow all the learning I have received at Let's Make A Difference throughout my life.

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