Sachin Agrawal - Nuapada, Odisha


I am Sachin Agrawal from Nuapada District, Odisha. I work as a Software engineer with TCS and I live in Andheri, Mumbai.

I came to know about IofC in 2006, when I was involved in a teaching the underprevliged during my engineering (Silicon Institute), in Odisha.I have always had an interest towards helping the poor and needy people. IofC gave me the platform to Act and to do something for the construction workers and their childern, however I never used to look within. I always got upset if someone pointed out my mistake or if anybody criticised me. I was not able to understand why few of my friends were not able to share their thoughts with me. Unconsiously I was always driven by ego, and I started ignoring people who dont care about me or who do not communicate with me.

When I attended the LMAD conference in 2007 at Panchgani, I found that this place has something different about it. Here, I found people talking about their own faults and mistakes instead of blaming others. Also they were sharing how they are going to corerct it . It helped me to look at people and events from a different perspective. I started loving the 'Quiet Time', where I spent time with myself and I could analyse my thoughts, behaviour. This brought me into an different world. I felt that even though I love my parents and friends, i never expressed it to them. I thought there is no need of it and also I didnt know how to express it. I realized that i never accepted my mistakes and I always defended myself and it is something which keeps me away from my friends.

Many at times I was in delimma whether to follow certain rules such as wearing helmet, standing in a Queue, buying tickets while travelling , etc. At times I was not leading a value based life because I stayed in my comfort zone. Majorly due to lack of clarity and motivation. LMAD conference and my further association with MRA friends gave me more clarity to lead a value based life, out of which i derive satisafaction .

The immediate change which I found in my life after LMAD 2007 is I started giving more importance to people around me, which made me resolve my long time dispute with my roomate, who latter became a great friend to me. Previously we used to misunderstand each other and we had nurtured much hatred and bad thoughts. Few steps of approach (with courgae) gave me a friend like never before. Also I apologized for the past wrong deeds which I had done in order to lead to a better life with my friends. I started realising the beauty and strength of sharing and caring. Gradually I learnt the importance of forgiveness , listening to others and many more.

In one of the family sesisons I realised that I always try had a distance with my father and always misunderstood him. After that I tried to listen, respect his thoughts and not to react even though i do not feel it was right. I have begun making a continous effort to make our relationship stronger. Whenever i go to home I express myself, my thought processes and also try to understand him.

During my association, i understood that chaning one self is not an easy task and it takes a lot of effort and awareness to change oneself. Purity of mind and thoughts always make me a better person. I am continuously taking an effort in my daily quite time to become less selfish and to start loving all the people around me. Many a times i have failed, however quite time helped me identify my mistake, and I have corrected the same.

The things that appealed to me the most in IofC is the fact that it creates space for all, irrespective of cast, creed and religion. It connects people across borders. When there are many forces who try to divide people in the name of religion and geogrophical boundries, IofC provides hope for them all. IN todays time when Youth are losing interest In religion and values of life, IofC's unique way appeals the them all. It helps in raising one's own conscience, which indeed solves many problems of life.

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