Rohit Saraf - Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Before LMAD I took life very casually. I had no definite goals and I would do whatever came to my mind without worrying about consequences.

During LMAD I became more focused about life. My goals from life became clearer. I understood the importance of moral values in my day to day life. I realised that I have to live for others too and not just for myself.

After coming back from LMAD I decided to live my life along the four standards. Recently I had an experience with the traffic police. Before LMAD I would have settled the matter by giving a bribe. This time I accepted my mistake and paid the fine and even asked for a receipt. I realised that honesty within me was far more important than money. I felt proud, happy, free, & realised only honesty can give that feeling.

There were other changes too. I have started respecting people, nature and especially parents much more.

Stories of Change

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