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Rohan Suresh

I was initially introduced to the concept of MRA at a very tender age and therefore as any other kid, I disregarded the whole concept, never went back until I was asked to attend the National Youth Conference at Panchgani by my mother who had attended the Teacher Workshop there. Mature enough to understand what I was getting myself into, I took the train to a place that made me who I am today.

The journey was a bit hectic but there was something about the place that just rejuvenated me with positive vibes. I could feel the cleansing aura. What I say may seem superficial, but it is the truth. Alluring would be the term that comes to one’s mind when placed midst the camp.

I remember myself to be egoistic to an extent, disregarding other’s emotions, scorned the love of my parents, and had utter disregard for what people did for me and these thoughts hit me like a hurricane while I was sat outside the foyer, for my second quiet time. To a great length I found myself rolling in the sheets of my past, not ready to let go. I had somehow made a beautiful sheath that protected nothing. I couldn’t express how I felt, and that’s when, like a guardian angel, the diary came to my rescue. Writing down my thoughts and cogitating over them helped me fill a few gaps in my life. The enlightening sessions, such as Family Day and Jar Exercise just reached down within me to clear the clog that had settled for so many years and I remember myself pouring out to my mom asking her forgiveness for what I had been while tears rolled down my eyes.

The session, Power of Vison by Bhisham Sir, helped me understand the meaning of life, and the purpose of it. As truly said by Pablo Picasso “The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give that gift away.” The session gave me an insight on how I must proceed with my vision and tackle the barricades that I approach before the finish line. The session reached was able to dive into my core and since that day I have been making a conscious effort to make someone’s else’s life better through my hard work.

One other concept of Lmad that I loved was that none of our questions were answered but none were left unanswered. The questions that we asked ourselves were answered by us, in the course of time. All the questions I had about myself were answered in some form or another by myself. This way I was becoming self-conscious of my flaws and I realized that the more I “prowled” into my inner self to discover my flaws, that I rectified on the way, I had a clearer vision of what my aim was, what my dream was, and where I had lost the track.

At last all I can say is that Lmad, changed my thinking process and make me reconnect with my inner self. I want to thank Viral Sir for providing such an enriching experience that I will carry forward with me for life.

Thank You,

Rohan Suresh.

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