Ritika Chaudhary - Satara, Maharashtra


I have been associated with this idea since childhood. And maybe this is something I have got by birth. There are little things which have changed my life.

It maybe the change for giving happiness or for forgiving others or for loving others. But I had to struggle to change. I was used to being taken for granted by everyone since my school days and that was really frustrating. Then I thought of changing my attitude and bringing that ego in me which would prevent others from taking me granted. However, my conscious stopped me from being that way which got me more frustrated.

Then I thought of isolating myself by not talking to others anymore. I stopped making friends and preferred staying alone in my room and talk less at home. However, even that was not working out.

I was annoyed with myself and my parents for raising me this way with values that no one were interested. I was in a huge mess.

Then I attended the youth conference in 2012. I was already aware about the values taught at the YC. However, I understood the real meaning of the values at the Youth Conference in 2012. I understood the real meaning of “absolute”. It is very difficult to be 100% absolute but being absolute means being unconditional which means that I should not expect anything in return.

After that realization, I came to terms with myself and even though similar things happened, I handled the situation with a smile and did not let it get on my nerves. I was happy for being good on my side. I have stopped expecting for something in return. Many times it is not easy, but it is during such times that quiet time helps you out to see things clearly.

Stories of Change

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