Richa Tiwari - Indore, Madhya Pradesh


I heard about MRA by a college senior in 2009. That time I was going through an emotional turmoil with all relations going haywire. I had taken everything for granted in life. Then I was introduced to the concept of MRA & that first session (tough it was a one day workshop that we organized in Indore) changed it all. It had shaken me completely from within & I came in terms with the reality. I realized how important family is & as a student my only responsibility is to study, that is all my parents wanted from me. After deep self reflection, I could realize how I want my life to be & what I want to be.

Quiet time became a way of life for me & I could find all the answers to the questions I have. I won’t say, I am exactly how I want myself to be but I am agile & I am making consistent efforts to attain my set goals. I now value relations. The most important thing that I learnt is, "To love my family, unconditionally!” It’s extremely difficult & at times I falter but then I realize in my QT & get back to it again. Also, I have become a lot disciplined in life. No one can be successful in life in absence of it. I am a transformed person now. My life has a direction & purpose now. I am gratified & humble with all that MRA taught me. There are still times I find myself diverging away from their core PHUL values but deep down I can track it & amend my actions to reconcile. I subscribe completely to this idea & want this to be propagated to all.


Stories of Change

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