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I was an ordinary person just like most of the people on this sphere. But then one delightful morning arrived on me which was going to be a turning point in my life. I was just preparing myself for the day and my mother asked me to go to Panchgani. I said yes right away without even knowing the reason to go to panchgani. It was just that my mind was a little too excited at that moment to think of something practical. A few minutes later after my day dreaming, she told the reason, Lets Make a Difference is where you are going my child, that were her words. You know everyone has a turning point in their life, for some it’s a U-turn and for some it’s a RIGHT turn. For me of course it was a right turn otherwise there was no point of writing this. So, hello my name is Mehlam Murtaza Rampurawala and I am going to share my life before and after the journey of Let's Make A Difference.

So, unlike any other teenager, I also was having the same habits as most of the children have in this age and particularly this environment. Yes, I was addicted to phone, A little to be honest. That was because there was no other job for me to do other than just sit and watch that little piece of colorful pictures. What else could anyone even do in his vacation. I had all those bad habits which nowadays is common in a teenager. I was that person who was distracted most of the time, spent almost all day on phone, and did nothing productive. I don’t know why am I even telling this, everyone today knows about the truth of the youth. But I did not knew that this was all going to change within some time.


After a whole lot of discussion and drama I was given the authority to go to panchgani with my cousin sister. 1st of June 2022 was the RIGHT turn for me. After a wait of 2 weeks, I finally reached Asia Plateau and Oh God, there are no words spell the beauty of that place. It's just like a pond in the middle of a hot desert. But anyways it's not the title of my page. After all the registration and stuff, I was in my room in Asia plateau and it took me one whole day just to believe I was there. The freshers were given a tour of Asia plateau by the coordinators of Let's Make A Difference and just in a blink of an eye the day passed. We started refining ourselves from the next day. The starting of that was done by meeting Viral Bhai. He is a person that one should meet in his or her lifetime for at least once. It's just the personality of that guy which attracts everybody to him. He has a major in changing the life of some people including me. Ok, coming back to the title, the eight days in Let's Make A Difference were the days of my life. All the things that I did in the due course of eight days was just unimaginable. It was just in that eight days that I was able to refine myself up to an extent. The Quite time, the teachings, the prayers, the fun, everything was just perfect. All thanks to the Let's Make A Difference 2022 team who made this possible. It was just wonderful time at Asia Plateau and I enjoyed it a lot.


Today is 28th of September 2022 and it's been like 4 months since the journey and definitely there are some changes in my life which for now only, I am able to notice but soon everyone will. The first change I noticed in me was of staying calm from inside. Quite time has made it all possible. Every morning in the bus while going to school I do my quite time. The outside noise does not bother me much. Just plug your earphones, start a pleasant tune and there you go! Enjoy your quite time. This is my quite time routine. At first it feels weird and you get distracted but trust me on this, I now able to concentrate at given place and time. The second change which I saw was maturity. I could now see the reality of the surrounding and response accordingly. I have started earning some money by taking tuitions and spending my expenses on my own. Although I don’t know whether I will continue taking tuitions or not. It's just that my timings of coming home do not match with the tuition's timings. I'm now able to think clearly about everything. All that teaching and blessing from all the Let's Make A Difference members does make sense in daily life. There are many other small changes which result in a big way. All thanks to Let's Make A Difference.I wish I can follow this lifestyle throughout my life and just enjoy the sweetness of the eight days I spent at Asia Plateau.


Thank you Let's Make A Difference for making a difference in me and helping take my RIGHT turn.

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