Manya Parmar - Sambalpur, Orissa


The LMAD Journey is an experience every person should have at least once in their lifetime. When was the last time we got a chance to sit with our mind, heart and soul focused on one thought?

It gave me the experience of listening to people rather than speaking; finding the odds within myself rather than blaming it on others and questioning my unjustified behavior towards the people who have selflessly loved me. It introduced me to a person I could become but was too enamoured by the materialistic whims and fancies of the world which adds no value to one’s life.

Today, I feel the opportunity that I got to experience those eight days gave me the power to realize and accept my past mistakes; courage to work on them; and grow from a person who moulded her own self to be in the good books of others, to becoming a person who respects her ownself. I also learnt to value who I am.

A very personal lesson which I have learnt from LMAD is to be Happy! Be happy from within, be Happy with yourself, be happy with what you have. That feeling not only helps me to live a satisfied life but it has always motivated me to look forward and be positive. 

We all have got one life to live and Asia Plateau helped me think “What kind of a person I would want myself to become in this journey”

Stories of Change

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