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Family was something which was one of my least concerned priorities. Giving adequate time to parents, siblings, elders, etc.. was never in my mind. Having ego clashes and small tiffs was a daily routine. The only thing in which I was good at was avoiding them. I thought I was too cool for them.

The Family Day at the Youth Conference in 2014, was an eye opener for me. After attending the sessions I was overwhelmed. The only thing which was on my mind the entire time was my mom's face. The next thing I see are tears in my eyes!

Suddenly, the realization occured.

I remembered all those times when she would cry because of my behaviour and attitude towards her. It made me feel sick.

We were provided with our mobiles to contact home. I was shivering and my hands were shaking while I dialled my Mom's number. I was unable to speak. The only words which came out of my mouth were "SORRY" and "I LOVE YOU". We had a small talk for 2 minutes after that. I was relieved. I was happy.

Since that day, whenever I look at my look at my Mom, it reminds me of that day. My love for is unexplainable. My attitude towards her has changed completely. I just can't say 'No' to her!

The entire idea of MRA and that particular day has changed my life in so many ways.

  • My behaviour and attitude towards elders and parents has changed. Family comes first for me.
  • For me, the importance of looking at all the small things increased. I realized the significance of every small and minute details in day-to-day life.

All these qualities were lacking in me. The idea of MRA an IofC helped me to inherit and develop qualities in me and are the major reason for the change in me.

Stories of Change

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