Atharva Hingwe - Nagpur, Maharashtra


In May 2017, I completed my first year of engineering. I had decided to enjoy the vacation time by watching movies, hanging out with friends, etc. But, my parents had different plans for me. My dad wanted me to attend the LMAD Asia Plateau conference at Panchagani. i resisted the idea. but to no avail. Finally it was decided that i will attend the conference.

It was June 2017 when I first stepped into MRA center , Panchgani. An introvert like me was pushed to attend some conference. being social was not my cup of tea then.  Morever ,  I had never been away from home alone so long. So with a lot of apprehension I entered the premises of Asia Plateau. Initially it was indeed difficult for me to adjust, but then as the conference progressed, I started feeling at home. The most important thing which made me comfortable, were  the arrangements at Asia Plateau which were splendid and  far beyond my expectations.  This helped me remove my apprehensions and I started enjoying the conference.

The first realization which dawned upon me was that I had strained relations with many close people around me and I must take efforts to repair them.  I also understood that I fortunate and blessed to lead a life of abundance.  I understood what deprivation is and how I had an extra edge over many things in life.  I was very judgemental about people all the time and often used to underestimate them.  But  I realized that I was wrong and started correcting myself. Now I take time to form my opinions about people whom I meet and come across. I became social and started getting along with people well after attending the conference.

Well all said and done, I take this platform to extend my gratitude towards this concept of LMAD which is relentlessly working in refinement of  one’s soul and heart.

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