Aushumalin Shaha - Pune, Maharashtra


My journey after LMAD has just shocked everyone; especially those people to whom I have shared my journey with. The guy whose morning was 1:00 PM and who now gets up before 7 AM, is something people don’t believe. “Who are you and what have you done with Aushumalin?” The thing is that I’ve now started on a journey of change. I haven’t transformed, but LMAD has been a step in the right direction. I didn’t miss my quiet time more than two times for the month after coming back. I admit I’ve gone a bit off track, but this time I have the confidence that I can get back to it, which was something difficult for me to believe the last time and that makes all the difference in the world. A few mistakes that I made were dead and buried which resurfaced and I had to deal with them the right way this time. I faced some of my fears and questioned all my beliefs, which put me on a path of discovery like never before. My passions finally got traction when I decided to go for them and not push them forward anymore. In simple words, I decided to DO.

I miss the serenity of Asia Plateau and the company of individuals aspiring and inspiring. I miss the circle of trust that made me forgive my mistakes and ask for forgiveness too. I shared things that I thought I would take with me to my grave, and you know what? I felt much lighter.

What I miss most are the people with whom my paths crossed in those eight days. People from all walks of life together without anything to distract them and everything to inspire them was a truly mesmerizing experience. The time there was an eternity in the moment. Lasted forever and went by in a flash. These people might be halfway across the world by now, but they are with me, comforting me and urging me to become better.

In conclusion, I just want to say, it was an experience that will stay with me for life and has given me people I’ll cherish for as long as I live.

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