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I am Vachan Bagadia; I stay in Nagpur, Maharashtra. I came to know about this conference through my friends - Aditi Panchmatia & Abhinav Jaiswal. Presently , I am pursuing graduation in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) from Hislop College, Nagpur.

I am friendly, everyone who knows me can attest to that. But, sometimes if I was in a bad mood this took me to the point of being rude or inconsiderate to someone else. Just about everyone I meet I am able to get along with. But sometimes I am disrespectful to my elders or people of authority. I used to think that everything I did was the right way and Everyone else was making a mistake. I didn’t listen to people with more experience than me. There were many questions for which I failed to answer.

I got to know about IofC-LMAD. Love, Purity, Honesty and Unselfishness; these were the four standards of life which were taught to me at the the National Youth Conference; Panchgani. “Quiet time”; the most integral part of the conference where I was able to be with myself. Sitting alone with nature, makes you calm peaceful and helps you to explore your answers. It showed me the mirror of my life, which I never expected. It reflected, I was a selfish, dishonest person and how much ego I had with me. I got the clear picture of what relations I made with my family, my career, what I was towards the society and my life. It taught me how to maintain positive relations with them. I realized that “If there is a problem between me and them, it is because of me and my negativities .” I knew that the road ahead will not be easy for me, If I would have carried myself the same as I was before. I need to move on overcoming my drawbacks and adopt positive changes in order to reach my goals. My success in the future lies in my own hands. Now I love, respect the people around me and their thoughts unconditionally.

After attending a couple of regional conferences, I started valuing the worth around me. I experienced that how life is without those facilities and luxuries which I already had. I realized that I should be proud and lucky, being provided with them from my family, which I wasn’t before.

Sometimes in life it just takes the influence of a person/ thing to help you see yourself in a whole new light. For me that person is Mr. Viral Mazumdar who guided me the positive direction towards success in life. Thank you so much sir.

I too realized that if I can get my answers I can help and serve the people around us who are with the same questions and problems, like me.

Its been a year I am connected with Lmad. Today I move ahead with my positive changes. This experience was something new and different that I enjoyed, while at the same time it pushed me to new levels I didn’t know I could reach, both mentally and physically. I promised myself to continue to grow daily and discover new factors that define me. IofC-LMAD has completely changed the frame of my life . It has inspired me to go on the right way and I will continue to learn whenever I receive an opportunity .

Vachan Bagadia
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