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It was my honor to be a part of the 22nd Annual Youth Conference, "Let's Make A Difference" (LMAD) at Asia Plateau, Panchgani. This conference is one of the best conferences I have attended so far in my life and I have learnt a lot of thing from the conference which definitely made "difference" in my life.

Everything was challenging in the initial few days. I definitely do not wake up at 5:15 am and sleep by 10:15 pm, which I am not very proud to share. On top of that we were not allowed to use any gadgets during our time there. Adapting to the schedule and the premises of the conference came quick in the consecutive days. The days went in a blink and I wanted it to last for some more days. Out of the great activities, 'Quiet Time' for 30 minutes to 1 hour in the morning was one of my favorites. I had never given myself a time for introspection and this block of the schedule was solely dedicated for Soul-searching. We got time for ourselves to reflect upon our lives; listen to our inner voice. During 'Quiet Time' I thought about a wide range of things; be it about my late parents and my relationships with siblings, achievements and failures, weaknesses and strengths and etc. The whole process of 'quiet time' is very rejuvenating and refreshing.

Secondly, before coming for this conference I always used to think that I am very unfortunate and unlucky that I am an orphan and I always used to cry over my fate but this conference taught me that I actually have so many things around me to cherish and enjoy in life and this very realization came in me when we had the session of 'Power of One', where many inspiring figures like Major D.P. Singh, Mr. Yadav and others were invited to address the participants. These figures have dedicated their lives toward making the betterment of their country. They shared their real lives instances and struggles they've made in bringing the difference in a society. Out of many other speakers, Major D.P.Singh stood out for me, though he had lost one of his legs during Kargil War but he never gave up in his life and continued to inspire millions of people across the globe. His way of thinking and attitude toward life is very inspiring and in a way helped me mold into a stronger person.

This conference, I feel, has shaped and made a huge difference in every participants' lives. Through the conference we got the chance to meet the coordinator Viral Sir. I could feel his love and dedication towards the program throughout the program. I have met amazing people during the conference and I've learnt a lot of things from these people. My group's coordinators (Rachit bhai, Kushal bhai and Alpita di) were amazing; with them I was able to share my problems without any hesitation. They encouraged me and my group members to share and listened with so much love and patience. I want to thank LMAD for providing me such a platform.

This conference, literally, have changed my whole attitude and perspective toward my life. I am glad that I've participated for this conference. This conference has taught me a whole new way to look upon life (accepting mistakes, granting forgiveness, love unconditionally and so on) and the importance of listening to my inner voice.

This amazing experience as a LMAD participant wouldn't have been possible without the support of Empowering the Vision (ENVISION). This non-profit organization support and guide about 10 students every year to attend this conference and I am glad that I've applied. This is one of the experiences that I will cherish for my entire life. I will definitely encourage others to participate in the conference to get a taste of something that is unconventional. Furthermore, Asia Plateau itself is such a serene and peaceful place where we can actually connect our self with the nature's beauty. I hope this legacy of inculcation of moral values and disciplines will be carried forward.

Thank You!

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