Tanishqa Gandhi - Ahmednagar, Maharashtra


“I’ll do it later, why should I care, 5 mins more, I don’t have time !! These were the common excuses I used to get away from the situation instead of facing it, I needed people to tell me what to do, I never enjoyed being alone or maybe I never tried being alone, Small things aren’t they? no these small things can affect a lot, I never thought they matter but they did!

It was 2017 when my cousin attended his first youth conference, after coming back he shared his beautiful experience with me, it wasn’t him who forced me to connect with This idea but it was the change in him I saw after 6 months.

I was 15 when I attended my first YC, Entering AP gave A total different vibe and surrendering my mobile was made simpler, totally unknown about what was going to happen at this place but somewhere inside I knew it’s going to be different , Quite time and PHUL (purity, honesty, unselfishness and love) are integral part of LMAD, I didn’t connect much in my first quite time but my second quite time was way too different and difficult, all this time it was an outward journey but it was time to look inside and take the inner journey, towards inner consciousness and core values that really mattered , It was my first time I had to face my inner self, the darker side I never wanted to look upon, I reflect upon the ques that were given to us daily at beginning of quite time I found some of the answers and some still remain unanswered........ The let go activity wasn’t just activity it was something I got attached to I was able to separate people I knew where my relations needed improvement, never thought to connect with people I left behind but glad I got them back.

I’ll always be grateful to LMAD and Viral bhai for the values, quite time, the circle of trust everyone at AP share, I’m glad to call LMAD my extended family with no blood relations it still feels closest to them and if they are always going to be there for me.

For now, it’s a reality check going on, while leaving from AP I did commit that all the values and quite time will be followed by me, yes sometimes I don’t sit with me for a time period but I come back to quite time, my relationships has improved a lot and some still needs to be replenished, I love sitting alone and spending time with myself, now it’s not the people I need to ask what I have to do, so clear in my ideas. Trying to sum up things without wasting the important time I have, pure love towards my friends and family, knowing holding grudges won’t help. The commitment helped me through this as i knew if I break it it’s no one who will be affected it’ll be me who will be filled with guilt.

This was my second time at LMAD this December, whatever you say but the quite time you get at AP is always going to be different and you’ll keep on asking for more, many goals to be accomplished many steps to be taken many questions to be answered, many quite time to go..... I’m glad I have quite time before my life messes up. In conclusion I will always be grateful for everything (quite time, four pillars) I have, the clarity in my ideas I have now, the strong relations I have now not only with my friends or family but also with my inner consciousness, and list goes on....

I hope this legacy and journey is carried forward.”

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