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Silent Ocean
Enters the magnet
Tsunami in my life!

While I used to be at the age of five, I remember with the clarity that I used be feed with the baby birds from the jungle. My uncle was responsible for this. One day he brought few baby birds for me like any other days. I wanted to kill the baby bird like my uncle used to do. I caught one baby bird, took a small knife in my hand and started killing it. As the bird was hurt, it started crying and trying to flee from my grasp. I felt so bad and guilty at that moment. I told my uncle to go to its nest. The mother bird was crying badly as she had lost her kids.

From that day onwards, I never took a life of any being. I never realized why I did that and what I am doing as myself being an arrogant guy. But when I came to Asia Plateau for LMAD Youth Conference in 2012, I realized everything and I found the real value of life.

LMAD Youth Conference 2012 taught me why and how do we need to be morally strong to explore within and let the world know who we are and what is the value of our lives. Through the quite time, it helped me to visualize that baby bird, mother bird and compare to humans. If life matters to a bird, we are human beings; we definitely have a strong value of life. We must explore within. This is the life to live honestly and serve in the society.

Since 2012 June, I am living a life of absolute honesty, purity with love and unselfishness. I fight for the corruption and any misdeeds anywhere. Most importantly, I am taking the values of Initiative of Change and vision of Viral sir to the bigger mass of my country. Because I want my fellow youngsters groomed internally and externally through values and ethics based leadership to create the strong foundation of my nation.

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