Shraddha Karlekar - Satara, Maharashtra


Shraddha Karlekar – Satara, Maharashtra I am pursuing my CA and B.Com 2nd Year. I have been associated with LMAD since 2015 Youth Conference. There are very small things that have changed my life.

I was a very impulsive and short tempered person who never valued relations. But the sharing I am about to do is a very small aspect and it is an ongoing process which is just a start and there is still a long way to go.

Being a single child, I am very attached to my parents and they always have kept me so close to them. They love me so much but I never valued anything much. I never used to think of saving money and was inconsiderate while using natural resources like water. The moment I entered Asia Plateau, I felt a lot of positive vibes and all the organisers had a big smile on their faces to welcome us. I was surprised and started wondering how could people be so positive and good? We were introduced with the idea of Quiet Time to which I connected. I found my inner voice was trying to tell me something from so long and I heard a whispering of something telling me to take charge of my life and start valuing things. I got the inspiration from inside to be more focused in life.

I now make conscious efforts to save my parent’s hard earned money , have become considerate and started to appreciate things around me, respect and value people. This has been the biggest take away from the Youth Conference was the Quiet Time and the things realized while practicing it.

Everything seems to better after the Youth Conference and things seem more clear and sorted. However there is a long way to go.

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