Shraddha Bohra - Pune, Maharashtra


Hi Everyone!!

My name is Shraddha Bohra and I belong to a beautiful and pristine hill station called ‘Ranikhet’ in Uttarakhand. By profession, I am an Interior designer and an MBA in Marketing. By nature, I am a quiet person who takes time to open up with people. I have always believed in one God which is infinite power that is inside all of us and helps us to spread love and happiness and do the right thing with right intentions. My aim is to be a better person with each passing day and MRA is constantly helping me to achieve it.

It was 2015, when I got introduced with The Youth Conference at MRA. The briefing of the program was so tempting for me that I couldn’t stop myself to go for it. There is one simple motto of this program which is “If you want to bring the change in this world, you have to change yourself first”. It looks simple but is very hard to implement and that is where The Youth Conference comes into picture. It helps you to look within and bring the change in you through multiple sessions with Co-ordinators, Mentor’s speeches, Change stories of people, Very well designed exercises, Meditation, Quiet time, Venting out your secrets, Sharing your thoughts and much more.

It not only helps you to succeed in your personal life but also helps to balance the four pillars of life which are personal, professional, social and spiritual. I feel extremely privileged to be a part of MRA and am sure that we together will be able to bring the ‘CHANGE’.

Thank You.

Stories of Change

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