Shachi Sheth - Pune, Maharashtra


It doesn't matter where you come from. What matters is what you were and what you choose to be. For life is not about being monotonous. It’s about transition, about transformation of the inner self.

Such is my story. A story all about constant change. It began from the day when my parents got to know through a company that there are workshops going on for couples which guide your inner self and help your self-worth grow. Little did I know that I will be going to it in June 2013! There started my journey! In the first year of LMAD I came to know what exact the LMAD is! In the 2nd year of LMAD, I went through a major emotional roller coaster ride as I got to know me even better. Knowing what and how much struggle we all require to take at every moment of life in every aspect, LMAD helped me realize that struggle can be all the more successful if we enjoy it!

The 4 values LMAD taught me are now the part of my life.

LOVE - Love thy self-first, then and then only ever love everyone.

PURITY - Be as pure, innocent and clean as little child’s heart.

HONESTY - Be honest to self, and automatically you will be honest to the entire universe.

UNSELFISHNESS - It is always better to give than take. For the law of karma says be selfless, be a giver because what goes around comes around!

So here I was, before 2013, conservative, under confident , introvert that time and today after 3 years of attending LMAD, I am free as bird, confident and one on a journey to self-actualization.

Stories of Change

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