Sarthak Miglani - Pune, Maharashtra


Hi there, My name is Sarthak Miglani, from Pune. My cousin was a Coordinator at IofC-LMAD Youth Conferences. She referred me to come over here. At first I really didn't wanted to come over here as obvious phones were not allowed. And I am a phone addict. So, I wasn't that interested, but my MOM.... you know how Indian mothers are.

Finally the time came and I arrived at AP (Asia Plateau), got my registrations done and my phone went off with my parents back to Pune, My home town.

The 1st day was 1st June, 2015 ,and I knew no one at AP. Wherever I was going. ... could see only new faces. So I started interacting with people and made friends.

The interesting part was my First Quite time as I was feeling sleepy as well as Hungry, Sleepy as we had slept at 10:30 pm sharp and woke up at 6:00 am and hungry as we had dinner at 7:30 pm and it was 7:45 am during the Quite Time.

So as the days passed on I started to connect will the sessions in Auditorium and also in the Group Discussions. The Group I was allotted was Development which had Bhisham and Nikita as Coordinators. After which we had to introduce us through a short speech, and that was what I did, I spoke loud and clear with full confidence.

the Best part of the whole day was "the time of silence" it was a time when a music was played at around 6 pm till 6:45 pm .... The music which was played was an Instrumental Tibetan Incantations called "Om Mani Padme Hum."

This music has some magic in it ...... In my life I had never done meditation but after listening to it I could actually connect to the music and could concentrate to it.

On the 5th Day Viral Bhai told us to lead your life on 4 basic Principles of PHUL :

  1. Pure
  2. Honesty
  3. Unselfishness
  4. Love

Initially I was A Short-Tempered and arrogant guy, use to back answer every time. When I met Viral Bhai he literally changed my life up to down. After I stared to lead my life according to PHUL and I myself realized a big change in me.

I am really thankful to my cousin Mrunal Pore who insisted my mom to send to MRA Conferences (Moral Re-Armament)

A big thanks to Viral Bhai and Team who changed my life.

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