Sanya Motwani - Katni, Madhya Pradesh


I attended the conference in the year 2019. This was an unexpected tour for me, which changed many things. Earlier I was not able to make my decisions independently, for every small thing, I use to ask for help from my friends, but now after attending the YC, I realized that I can get all the answers by myself. I was introduced to QUIET TIME & DIARY in Panchgani where I realized that sitting quietly can make me realize all the things whether it is correct for my coming future or not.

Earlier the biggest fear inside me was talking to new people & to adjust with them in a new atmosphere, because of this reason only, I wanted to stay in my city and was not willing to go to any other place or city, until I have completed my XII. When I met new people in LMAD I enjoyed talking to new people. My biggest fear is now no more.

Everyone feels that there is a generation gap between the children and parents. In YC  after the family day, I realized that how important is our family in our lives. They are most important in our lives, they are the one because of whom I have reached where I am. We all know about the basic values that we must close the tap when not in use, save water, switch off the lights and fans when not in use. I have also listened to this many times, but at the conference I realized that these things matter a lot.

This is my story of change. Not a big change, but a small change can also make a difference to make it a beautiful journey of life.

Stories of Change

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