Parita Sajwani - Katni, Madhya Pradesh


"We all are fighting with our baseless sorrows, running here and there for the solutions which do not even exist.

In fact, our inner self is the place where we get our answers. We just have to stop looking at it from the outside and start finding it inside.

Then see, how sorted life will be" --This is what I learned in LMAD.

Before attending the conference, I was an over-thinker. I used to think a lot, and got tired of finding answers to my silly queries; I used to end up hurting myself. After going to the LMAD Youth Conference, I had the ultimate weapon to fight with my insecurities and face them. It gave me QUIET TIME. During quiet time, I realized why I was so unhappy with the answers which I was getting from others. As all the answers were not of my satisfaction, of my will. While introspecting, I learned that every situation will not be in my favor, I sometimes need to be content with what I have. The journey from being a pessimist to an optimistic person started from here. This made me realize my worth. Now I can surely say that I can face my problems boldly as now I dare to handle them.

LMAD helped me to realize the importance of my mother in my life. I learned that whatever you are to the outer world will not be valued if you are not doing well with your family. Thanks to LMAD for making me more close to my family. One of the most important things I got from LMAD was SELF REALISATION which is a must for being a better human. It helped me to keep aside my ego and be a better version of my self.

I am extremely grateful to Viral Bhai for making me believe that I can achieve what I wished for. I will always be thankful to the whole LMAD team which is now my beautiful extended family.

Thanks LMAD for introducing the cheerful and happy PARITA inside me.

Parita Sajwani

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