Nitin Jain - Indore, Madhya Pradesh


I had not idea what LMAD was about until one of my friends Karan forced me to be the part of National youth conference, 2015.

At the time, I had failed my CA exams. I had a pessimistic atitude and I needed a break.

In the nick of the time, I made up my mind and ended up at Asia-Plateau the very next day. My friend hadn't revealed much about the conference since he wanted me to keep alive the anxiety and assured me that I'll love it. My trust in him made me go to Asia Plateau and get subscribed to the idea of Quite-time.

When I entered the Iofc centre, I was mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the place and then by the grace of the people who welcomed us with love.

When I woke up early on the first morning of the conference, I found myself seeking for my phone.I reakuxed how I was cotrolled by a gadget. On the last day, I didn't seem to want the phone back and that made me feel happy.

Change is something which comes from within gradually, nobody can force it on you. Quite time made me realise that apart from being sad I can be happy for different reasons. Family session gave me an platform to express my emotions towards my family which I had never done before.

I failed in my exams four times in a row which made me nothing but a pessimist and I was hopeless. In my QT I asked myself, 'What am I gaining form thinking about the past?' the answer was simple - 'nothing'. I felt rather than wasting my energy on thinking bad, I can do (not only think) good. That mere realisation was a beam of hope & optimism.

Every answer we seek, lies within. The best way to grow is to gain experience. The many people who came to the conference had varied experiences and I felt that I gained a lot of exposure; gave me a lot to think about.

I also felt that society needs to change for the better and I realized the way to do that is to change oneself. I believe that we hould give more thought to the things that matter and that's the way the country and society as a whole will move froward. Where humanity will be our religion and love, our reason to worship.

So Let's Make A Difference.
Nitin Jain

Stories of Change

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