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Hello Everybody! :D
I am Neha Roy Gupta, originally from West Bengal but residing in Pune. Currently I am pursuing IT Engineering and I am a third year student.

I remember in the 5th grade I had a project in school, wherein I had to make a chart on Indian Cricketers and my father suggested the title as “Success begins with Will Power.. Where there is a Will, There is a Way!”  He also added that Success can only be achieved with sheer hard work and that shortcuts in life are the deadliest enemies of every individual. At that moment I did not quite understand the deeper meaning, but, what I registered that day, the words of my father surely reflected when time came for its application.

With my story I would like to reach all those who want to do a lot of things in life and feel that their regular routine doesn’t allow them to do so. According to me “I don’t have time” is a myth because no matter how busy we are, we always have time. It’s only about prioritizing. Let me frame it up in better words.

Before my journey began with MRA I was completely lost. I had a huge list of things that I wanted to do but felt I don’t have time. During one of my sessions at MRA something struck me and suddenly my mind changed. I felt super determined to achieve everything I dreamt of. I made a list of it and as soon as I returned back, slowly I started managing my time. Then I realized that only managing a schedule is not enough, I had to work towards managing myself. I understood the importance of a disciplined life. I also realized that I needed to focus on developing good habits. Slow and steady everything started falling into place. 

I am extremely passionate about dancing. Dance for me is like something that I just cannot live without. But prior to MRA I kept feeling with college and assignments it’s just not possible to pursue dance on a regular basis. To my surprise, it worked out. I found time for classical and western dance too. It was then that I realized the power of “Will Power” that my father had spoken to me about years ago. Every time I felt tired, I heard his voice ringing in my ears and it instantly inspired me. I still hear that phrase whenever I feel low and it manages to light up the fire in me.

If I have to speak about my routine now, I would say my day is super exciting with all the different things I manage to do.

Wake up early morning, spend some quiet time, attend college for nine hours, take singing lessons, teach classical dance, go for dance rehearsals, research on technical topics, write assignments, prepare for exams, work on projects, help my father with his business, organize events in college, attend dance classes, help mumma with household work and so much more. I come home at 11 PM and finally my day ends with praying to god and thanking him for letting me see the beautiful busy day that taught me innumerous things.

With working in so many different genres brings different types of challenges every day. “Problems”, our chief guest, knocks at my door almost every day. But the good news is that MRA taught me to view problems as “Opportunities”, opportunities where I can show my real talent and skills of handling real life situations. What I keep telling myself is that, problems are present in everybody’s life, be it anyone of whichever age. I am no exception. So blaming god is a bad idea because when we consider the bigger picture he’s fair to all and never does any injustice in providing every individual with equal amount of “opportunities”. It is on us how we deal with it - with a smile or by crying, by being sad or by acting with courage and by being happy. Every day brings new issues. It’s the law of nature. However, it is on us, what to it to view it like. Call it a “problem” or an “opportunity”. Through my experience I learnt that just changing the word also makes a huge difference in our behavior towards dealing with the situation.

Hardships are always going to be a part of our life and so we should not let it overpower us at any stage. Everyone can turn their lives in to a grave situation if they want, or, make it simple just by letting a few things go, sometimes accepting and may be laughing off a few things. After all life is about the “Nava-rasas” (9 emotions) and without them, life is incomplete. It all lies in our perception. Life is exactly how we perceive it to be like. It is all in our mind.

There is this thing inside us which helps us achieve everything. Just name it, and it can be yours. Unfortunately many of us are unaware of its powers and sometimes its existence too. That is nothing but our inner conscious. A mind that listens to the conscious is always going to be positive and no matter what situation the individual is in, he will manage to find good points about it. He will learn from the experience, find a solution, solve the opportunity and move on in life. I myself have experienced every bit of it. It’s not just philosophy but reality. Unless you personally experience, it’s something that no one can believe in. But once you do, that moment is life changing for you.”Listen to your conscious and do what is says”, was what Viral Bhai and my coordinators told me. I followed and it made a difference in my life. I experienced the change. Believe me, it’s a wonderful experience. It just cannot be expressed in words. It can only be felt.

I am thankful to everybody who came in life, my parents, my sister, my teachers, my friends, MRA team, and everybody else. What I am today is because of each one them. Their contribution in my life has been immense and I can never thank them enough. I would also like to thank my best friend for being there for me and supporting me through all phases of life. Another very important thing that MRA taught me was this, to cherish and value relations. I realized that one has to make time for their near and dear ones no matter how busy 1 is.

The day our conference ended, I had stepped out of MRA with a lot of self realization and a determined mind that was convinced to not let the moral values I learnt as a kid die in this competitive world. I decided to change and also inspire many more to do the same. Today, I can very proudly say that I changed and the process is still on and I strongly believe that if I could do it, I’m sure all of you can too. So, Cheers to a conscious guided healthy life!

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