Neha Bhurke - Pune, Maharashtra


Eight days, almost 300 unknown faces, different dreams, an unpredictable journey, a place with serenity, a baggage of stress, a burden of peer pressure and with a lot of curiosity, I entered Asia plateau. I came to know about this place when I was in my school but finally got a chance to attend the LMAD conference after I completed my graduation, however it seems like destiny had it's own plan.

I am a girl who comes from a simple Marathi family, who suddenly got an opportunity to meet with people not only from India but across the world. As the days passed by, I started finding a new me - a different side of me. LMAD not only changed my perspective of seeing the world but also changed the way I see myself. The most beautiful activity there was quiet time.  In this world full of competition and rush, somewhere we all lose that chance to look inside one’s own self. Now after LMAD when I sit for quiet time, it is a different story altogether. The burden of the past started lifting off my shoulders because I started mending the broken relationships which I had lost during the flow of life. After LMAD I have started living my dream in reality.

I have started finding happiness in the small little things of my daily life. In this journey, I met a bunch of people who not only listened to my talks but have also inspired me in some or the other way. I am going to cherish this bond throughout my life. One month is a very short time to change your life, but after LMAD, I have definitely taken that step to change for the better.

Stories of Change

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