Mudit Surana - Aurangabad, Maharashtra


My journey with IoFC-LMAD (Let’s Make A Difference) started in 2009 after completing my high school. The time between completion of high school and starting of my Bachelor's Degree in London was very crucial as I had eight months in hand and I wanted to use it productively. In these eight months, I did a couple of things such as working in a network marketing firm, playing professional bowling and also helped my uncle in setting up a retail store. But I still wanted to do some social activity where I could interact and meet new people. I have always been a social person and I like to meet new people.

So one fine morning I began my search on Google on topics such a treks, summer camps, conferences, youth forum, etc. and that is when IoFC-LMAD had caught my eye. I was really amazed by the activities of the organization and the rich content they had on their website. So I decided to approach them to know more. I happened to get in touch with the volunteers who were actively involved with the organsation i.e. Dipti Rane & Binal Thakare. They invited a group of young and vibrant people from various background of life and explained the ideology and philosophy of IoFC-LMAD to us. On their words and on my gut instinct I decided to go for the conference.

Since then my association with IoFC-LMAD has been for almost 9 years now out of which I have been active since 2014 post my first conference in 2009; and during which I was a member of the coordinating team for 3 years and a participant for 2 years. The reason for me to come back to this place every year is very simple - I feel myself with such lovely like-minded people. Some of the best relationships of my life have been found in this very place. The art of giving time to yourself has helped me discover a lot of hidden talents in me and out of the bag of surprises ,one has been writing poems. The vibe of this place (Asia Plateau) is unique in its own way. One who comes here tends to fall in love with the place.

The essence of quiet time has made me think about various aspects of life. It has helped me gain clarity and a better vision for my life; and this is what keeps me coming back to this place. Of the four principles which defines Initiative of Change; Unselfishness has been a part of me and will remain with me for a life time. I try my level best to avoid any sort of jealousy and try to look at the big picture. The joy of not being selfish in life just makes you feel out of the world when people come and pat your back and say "Thank you for being there". At the end of the day we knowingly or unknowingly do something but this place helps you to understand that it is important to think twice before you act.

All answers to our life lies deep within us but we should know the art of unlocking our sub-conscious state of mind and accepting reality. Self introspection was something new for me because most of the time I used to seek my answers from others. But later I felt that it’s my life and I'm responsible for all the decisions and not others. We as humans have the tendency to blame others for the smallest things, which I had done many times. This thought made me feel the need to change the way I think. The journey of being associated with Let’s Make A Difference has really made a huge difference in my life. Any change takes time but the fact of recognizing that change has given me a start. I hope in the years to come the transformation takes a positive shape in my life which will keep me happy and help in spreading happiness around.

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