Core Beliefs - The story of 4 i


Introspection - Starting with Self

Change on a personal and national level starts with an on going process of self discovery. Unchanging values of purity, honesty, unselfishness and love offer benchmarks to measure our individual and collective behavior. Acknowledgement of past wrongs, restoration and forgiveness are means by which the human spirit is liberated and history is healed.

Inspiration - Trusting your Inner voice

Listening in silence - for God's leading, to the inner voice or to conscience is an essential source of inner freedom, discernment and direction. The voice of conscience is a major source of guidance that is deep inside us.

Since god gave man two ears and one mouth he might as well listen twice as much as he speaks.

Initiative - Making a Difference

An individual can be a powerful agent for positive change in society. All the people should be valued equally: every person has a story to tell and part to play. Each individual can be an initiator of change. As we change, our change will naturally reflect in the way we live and affect our surroundings.

......each waits for the other to begin, not realizing that when I point my finger at my neighbour, three more fingers point back at me.

Interdependence - Building a Team

Honest conversations can unite people for action across barriers that historically have divided them. Communities of dedicated people can unite to serve as models of a more just and compassionate society.

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