Kshitij Patil - Nashik, Maharashtra.


Before Let's Make A Difference,

Till my 10th standard, I was a good guy who listened to his parents and was average in studies. Then I took admission for diploma till first year; I was still the same but after that things started to change. And it all changed in my second year when got into a wrong friend circle and I got carried away with them. I never concentrated on my studies and I never attended a single lecture. I started fighting with parents and they slowly got fed of me. There were times when we used to have a huge fight. I use to know something is wrong and everything changed from good to bad and then I got my 2nd year result wherein I failed in 8 subjects. My parents lost all faith in me. My life was fully changed and I had to repeat a year. I tried to study but nothing happened and I once again failed. Then it was my last time to do something and I tried again and I got at passing marks in my exams. But the behaviour was the same and the fighting was still going on. I still remember what my father said to me - “I missed my Kshitij who used to be my son”. I loved my father very much and this sentence came from his heart. And I was totally shaken by that. My Head of Department told my father “Kshitij is out of control now, find a job for him” after that my father lost all the hopes from me. 

Then I got to know about Let's Make A Difference and I thought let’s give it a try,

At Let's Make A Difference,

When I entered Let's Make A Difference, I was full of ego and negativity inside me I was fed up of myself. The first day of the Let's Make A Difference journey was good and everything was nice. It was a new experience; then the main thing started from the second day when the quite time idea was introduced. My first quiet was not that great  and I did not understand it at first. Then, in the next day during quite time, I tried to look inside me and for some time I didn’t have the guts to look inside me. I tried again and started writing things that came from inside. That time I was writing and the tears were not stopping. I hardly cried but that time I was not able to stop myself. I wrote  about the things that changed me from good to bad. I came to know how much I have hurt my parents what I have done to myself I never wanted to become like that. Then slowly during the conference I started improving myself and it was not a drastic change but it was a big change. During the conference I had left my bad qualities behind and I was improving; I made few promises to myself  such as not repeating the same mistakes again and in addition, I didn't want to hurt my parents anymore. I felt a big difference from the day I entered to the day I left Asia Plateau.

After Let's Make A Difference,

After reaching home mom and dad were happy. I then figured it out that they were happy because I was not there at home for eight days and they didn’t have to fight for eight days. Then I came to know how much they were fed up of me. But slowly days passed and they started to see a change in me; the calmness, the maturity, and they also niticed that I was working hard towards changing myself and improving myself to be a good student. After coming from Let's Make A Difference, my mother and I didn’t fight a single time and I had a huge amount of respect for here. Slowly we stopped fighting and everything was going well. Later, I got my results of third year first semester examinations; I had secured 65% by clearing all the subjects. My parents were  very happy and the teaching staff who always used to complain about me, had started to say good things about me to my parents. The same H.O.D. who said that “Kshitij is out of control, find a job for him” after a year he said “Kshitij is improving very well, find a good college for him” that was the amount of change I made in myself. My father also told to me “thanks for giving my son back to me” and till now I have changed a lot and my behaviour is changed, we have stopped fighting and I got my lovely family back. When I received my "Letter to Self", in January, and upon reading it, I gave it to my dad and told them to read it and tell me if what I had written was true or not. They read that letter than told yes you have improved on all the points you have mentioned. That was the best thing to know.

All this happened only because of Let's Make A Difference. Let's Make A Difference has changed me into a better person than I used to be. My family is happy. My parents are proud of me. 

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