Vrutti Gala - Thane, Maharashtra


"Everyone in their life experiences a tragic event which brings a state of hopelessness. It May be large or small, these occurrences shape us into what we are today. These changes are called turning points which help a human to grow a better themselves. There are many events which occurred in my life but the event which I would like to throw light on as the turning point of my life is when I visited this bewildering youth conference held in a place named Asia Plateau in Panchgini.

I had completed my boards and like many others was bored with my life. I wanted to do something exciting, something totally new and life changing. One day I was clutching a newspaper and my phone buzzed. It was my mentor on other side of the call. As soon as I picked the call she told me to visit her as she had good news for me. I hurriedly went there. As soon as I reached there, she told me about the LMAD youth conference. I was excited as she also told me stories of the conference; she was part of an earlier youth conference earlier.

Me being totally clueless with life, I packed my bags on 31st May and reached there at 1st June, 2017. The only reason I decided to go there and which struck my mind was that I’ll get to know people from all over the world. I finally reached Panchgini and my little soul was really curious to explore a new place.

I finally entered Asia Plateau and was amazed to see such an astonishing place. The first thing which came into my mind was if the place is so beautiful then the journey of this youth conference is going to be breath taking. I still remember when our Youth conference started and Mr. Viral Mazumdar started speaking about quiet time for the very first time and how it impacted his life. I was also astonished to see the inspiration which he was setting before us to follow the four values I.e. honesty, purity, love and unselfishness, which had bought change in his life and he wanted us to follow the same. At the very moment he became a true inspiration in my life. I began to see my life in a different way; my parents were shocked to see the change within me.

I really wanted to work with Viral Bhai and wanted to be a part of the colunteer team of the conference. I requested my mentor and finally I got a chance to work with him. That conference taught me to be a servant leader and my perspective towards life also changed when I started working with him. Waking at 4 and sleeping at 11 was not at all easy but that’s how we worked and reached our goal and that taught me to never give up.

He has become a role model in my life and one of my goals which I strive to achieve is to be more like him. With making hundreds of friends I also leared life lessons. I never thought that this eight day conference could bring such great impact in my life."

Stories of Change

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