Sinthia Dutta - Kolkata, West Bengal


LMAD has been a very much turning point in my life.

In there I learnt to meet strangers and making bonds with them. My outlook towards people changed completely. Before I used to think, that every intolerable things only happening to me but there I heard I felt so many heartbroken, inspiring, motivating stories, which made me feel that I am blessed enough. I very much learnt to open up to people, I never thought of sharing problems with anyone but I opened up and spoke to people.

And the most important thing happened there, I trusting my own self and accepting my flaws, what mistakes I have done and promised to rectify all those if possible. I gained confidence in myself. 

From an introvert to interactive one lmad brought some changes in me. THANK YOU Lmad for making this happen in my life i got few memories to cherish throughout my life and few true friends.

Sinthia Dutta 

Stories of Change

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