Shrinvas Yadavrao Patil - Pune, Maharashtra


I got introduced to the concept of Let’s Make A Difference during the 24th Youth Conference of 2018. It was highly recommended by one of my friend who had visited earlier. I was done with my 12th board and all the entrance exams and was a free bird to explore the world.

LMAD played a very important role in helping me to take the most important decision of my life, Career. The ’ Power of Vision ’ exercise taken by Bhisham Sir just made it crystal clear and a huge weight on my chest was relieved.

The quality that Asia Plateau and Lmad have imbibed in me is the importance of silence, nature, and stillness. Before Lmad I have always been a person who is always regretting his decisions and actions done in past. Quiet time has helped me so much to overcome this problem, I can't describe it in words.

The four standards of IofC- Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness and Love are those words which I only knew the dictionary meaning. At Lmad I experienced and deeply learnt it what they actually mean in the pillars of life and mankind. These standards have become a vital part of me now.

The things I learnt from hearing the experiences of Viral sir and all the other speakers and my friends were so valuable, emotional and inspiring. I just used to feel my life is so good how grateful should I be. Sharing my deepest thoughts and regrets just made me feel so lighter after leaving Asia plateau I was a totally new slate with a focused vision.

I have always been an introvert and shy person who is always afraid of stage and speaking to new people. At Lmad I have made such strong bonds in just those 8 days. Every person has a different background and has a story to share and that story has something to learn, I found great friends and learned so many things from there experiences and also overcome the stage fear by sharing.

AP teaches you that life and mankind are totally related to nature. We need to observe how nature works and it teaches us everything so easily.

‘Pyramid of Life’ exercise plays a very significant role in shaping my life! That exercise just made everything crystal clear for me, my relations with my parents and others, my career goals, my hobby and health developments. It made me think of where I am now and what should I do.

Forgiving people and forgetting what they have done is a very important quality that I needed to imbibe into because most of my relations were complicated because of ego and expectations from people. I made a list of people with whom I had odds and gathered the courage to apologize and sort things with them. Hearing of so many experiences from all my companions I understood that for procuring the learnings of some experience you need to empathize more than sympathy.

Everyone has a perspective to look at things and that's what matters. For me, Lmad and AP are ’chargers’ of life. It is all about filling inner self by hearing to the conscious and self-introspection which leads to satisfaction and contentment. It also made me realise the difference between solitude and depression. Not using my phone for 8 days and disconnected from the outer world was an amazing experience that made me realize how my phone was affecting my free time and distracting my focus.

Being a disciplined student of quiet time till date and diary writing it has been an immense journey of self-realisation, undergoing various changes and being happy with oneself and proactive at all times.

Shrinivas Patil

Stories of Change

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