Shraddha Prabhakar - Vadodara, Gujarat


I came to know about LMAD through a friend, but it was my father and mother who pushed me to go there and see for once what it was and what it had to offer. I did look up on internet about LMAD, however I thought I should not get my hopes high and therefore I entered Asia plateau with a neutral feeling.

The first few days were challenging. Waking up early, following a schedule was difficult for me. I am always comfortable talking to people on random topics but I cannot talk about myself. I was too afraid to let the world know about me. Even so, I have admitted a lot of things about myself there in front a trustworthy group of people, things that I would hardly admit to myself.

Coming from a spiritual Christian family, I was taught as a child about the sanity of honesty but when I was at LMAD I realized that if I was not being honest with myself I cannot be honest with anyone else. LMAD taught me a very important thing, to accept the truth about myself and if I believe in myself I can be so much more.

Quiet time was the best time I had at LMAD, I had ample amount of time to shake off all the negativities and accept aspects of myself. Burning down the negativities, letting go off the ego, writing down in a paper the things I wanted to change about myself were some of the best activities at LMAD.

‘The purpose of life is a life of purpose' I always believed in this but coming to LMAD and spending ample amount of time with myself made me finally discover my purpose which I had denied for a very long time. 

For me, my journey through LMAD was one of self-acceptance. Even today I consider myself insufficient for a lot of things but I know that I have the ability to develop myself and evolve into a better self.

I hope I never lose this faith in myself and try to be a better and better version of me.

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