Shashank Kshtriya - Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


"It’s not an END because Efforts Never Die & it does makes a difference.“

About Shashank Kshtriya

I am Shashank Kshtriya from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. My association with the youth conference ‘Let’s Make a Difference aka LMAD‘ has been a very important aspect in the journey of my life. I came across this conference first in the year 2008. Since then the journey has become much more easier. Presently I am working as a Business Development Manager at Artek, New Delhi.

Shashank Kshtriya's Story of Change

There are several instances where life is not easy going; it rather gives more and more challenges in quick succession. This sometimes leaves us with hopelessness, lost confidence, and distracts us from what we should be focused on. In such circumstances we often give up hopes without realizing that somewhere there is an ability hidden in us to deal with things that bother us from time to time.

I was surrounded in an environment where things were in dark. Nothing was going right. There was friction amongst relations, difference of opinions and so on. The road ahead was appearing to be full of huge challenges giving me a feeling that they were beyond my ability to handle. It was nearly a situation where I felt that I cant set things right. My relations with closest friends, relatives and even my parents were going on a rough track. I could feel that many things are not right but still I did. I could not figure out the compelling negative force that was pushing me to become inconsiderate and emotionless. Something was negatively affecting me and that was overpowering my decision in all spheres. I was sharing my concerns with a close friend, though he being much elder to me in age, still we always talk as friends. That’s when he suggested me to go to Asia Plataeu and participate in this conference. LMAD has been a great source of helping me to reinstate things that I lost in myself. Things that I lost were my self-confidence, my ability, my strengths, and my own self.

I never knew the power of quiet time before I came to LMAD. It is indeed a very powerful tool that allows you to be with yourself and brings you closer to your own self. During this thought process it was really hard to take up things because it made me realize how much and to what extent I have gone against things that were right. Gradually I was trying to figure out what that negative force was, which overpowered me? It was nothing else but my own EGO, a word that can destroy relations, behavior and character much faster than I could think of. With that strong realization I was in a situation of complete unrest because I could not face my own self in the mirror. This was my inner soul which always warned me before I did something wrong, but I never made an effort to give a second though to it.

After a strong battle within, I decided to let go this ego inside which makes me feel that I am right and I need no guidance to choose my path in life. The moment I decided, I could sense positive vibes from inside. It did make me feel light, but I knew that there were lots that I had to do. I had to set things right. I had to improve my relations; I had to apologize to all my friends who faced the heat due to my actions. I had to change my way of thinking towards my career in a much different way than I use to. My parents have never kept too many demands. All they ever demanded is that I should be successful and settled in life. I could feel a much higher level of satisfaction that I derived when my mind and soul supported my actions and decisions, which indeed yielded great results. This has been a strength ever since and I have experienced a series of changes in my behavior towards my people, a more logical approach towards my career and most importantly becoming better person.

My friends, family and closest colleagues bear testimony to this fact. They have really appreciated the change in me. I enjoy a much higher degree of support, love, care and loyalty from everyone around me and it has become easier to reciprocate the same. This has brought a tremendous balance in life, with more ability and strength to deal with challenges as and when they come. The fear of whether things will happen or not is replaced by making all efforts to ensure that things are righteously said and done. Of course a part of life is destiny but as human I have got a lot of things that I can do better in due course of time. It’s all about realization and listening to your inner soul. The more I feel connected with myself the more I change for better. If life says a NO for anything I take it as a Next Opportunity to change for better. Thank you LMAD. I shall always be thankful for your support to help me find my own self. With being connected so closely to myself I look forward to striving for excellence in all spheres of life.

Stories of Change

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