Nisreen Baramatiwala - Baramati, Maharashtra


Nisreen Baramatiwala's Story of Change

I wasn't aware of how a National Youth Conference like Let's Make A Difference - Lets Make A Difference could change lives, until I felt an immense change in my niece Zainab, who is associated with Let's Make A Difference for several years now. It is she who introduced me and motivated me to attend the National conference. I attended my first National conference in the year 2012 at Asia Plateau, Panchgani for 8 days.

On the very first day of the conference, I felt out of place. I was in the midst of a young crowd. I could barely find anybody of my age. I was in two minds, 'should I stay back?' or 'should I go back home with my husband and my two daughters?' A little inner voice was telling me, '' Dont let this opportunity go, experience it, Nisreen." It guided me right.

I was warmly welcomed by one of the coordinators and she took me to my room. I was pretty much at ease then.

I learned and experienced many things in the coming days. I was introduced to the concept of Quiet Time and the 4 absolute standards of Let's Make A Difference; Honesty, Purity, Love and Unselfishness.

During my initial Quiet Time, I could hardly wrote anything. I was scared to introspect; I had this fear within me to know myself. In the next coming days I summoned all my courage and penned down each and every regret of my life. My negativities, what am I? What are my goals in life? Everything!! Some thoughts were so scary that I had to tear down a few pages into bits and discard them in the dustbin.

Quiet Time helped me discover myself. I am working towards being a better human being and shaping my individuality.

I lived my life in those 8 days and while leaving the campus I felt like a free bird. Pure from all the impurities, I was born again.

I earned the opportunity of being a coordinator in the Baramati regional youth conference. Those 3 days, I realized that I have something good in me and that I can touch a few lives.

Today I am much more stronger and confident as a person and I am chasing my goals in life.

From being a Housewife with no aims, I have moved on to be a teacher in a reputed school in Baramati. I guide the students of class 4th, 5th and 6th towards the importance of morals in their lives. My students wait eagerly for my lecture and I am loved and appreciated by all.

Stories of Change

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