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Hello, I am Nikita Bajaj, a software engineer from London. I had heard many experiences about IofC LMAD from my siblings who have attended this conference before. I never understood its worth till I surrendered to it. 1st June to 8th June 2020 was the time where others were annoyed with the lockdown situation and I decided to attend the LMAD virtual conference. I didn’t get a chance to go to Asia Plateau before and it was the best opportunity for me to attend the conference virtually.

Quiet Time: The essence of quiet time has made me think about various aspects in my life. I realized the significance of every single moment in day-to-day life. I was always so controlled by other people’s thoughts that I forgot to listen to myself. Quiet Time has helped to link the gap between what I am and what I want to be. It helped me to listen to my inner voice. The moment we listen to our inner voice we start doing things in the right direction.

I would like to share an example from my daily routine. Whenever I used to start something (gym, novel, or anything) I realised I was not consistent. I would feel extremely focused for a few days and later my self-discipline would suddenly evaporate.

My inner voice guided me that self-discipline is the bridge between Goals defined and Goals accomplished.

Discipline: It’s not possible for any person to change overnight, however even one thing that can be followed with discipline shall make a lot of difference in our life.

I had registered for a challenge to walk 10,000 steps everyday throughout the month for cancer awareness. After 1 month, I felt that despite the crisis outside, I was a lot more healthy and positive. I consider myself lucky to have taken up this challenge as it has helped me to stay active and fit even when the activity levels were low due to quarantine at home.

I decided to continue this exercise not only to support the cause but for my own health and glad that I have followed this for more than a year now.

cI hope to encourage everyone around me to be healthy, fit and cancer-aware. As some researchers say, ‘sitting is a new smoking’.

I realised that even one small change can have a significant impact in our life. We have to keep working on ourselves consistently and that’s only possible with discipline in life. Take a step towards a healthy life and then another one and so on.

PHUL Values: I always considered myself a good person, but the four absolute values of Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness and Love have given me a way to measure my life.

Jar Exercise: This really helped me to forget all the negativity which I took from a long time within me. I used to have grudges with so many people, but then I realised that it impacts my life only. Rather than complaining, I started finding out the positive aspects in every situation.

Daylight Saving Time: The other realisation that I had was after attending the session on day light saving time. I have a list of things which I want to learn like swimming, piano, driving; but I have always given an excuse to myself that ‘I don’t have time’. I always thought that I am busy with work life, household chores and so on. But during the conference I realised that I am wasting the precious moments of my life on social sites just by scrolling the news feeds. It hit me so hard on that day that what am I doing with my life? During my Quiet time, I decided to spend that time in reading, watching ted talks or something which adds up some value in my life.

I never thought that 8 days could really make such a difference in someone’s life. Thanks to Viral Sir and the LMAD team for teaching us the actual value of our life.

What LMAD has given to me cannot be expressed in words; it can just be felt by those around me. Thank you for such a life changing experience.

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