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Hello, I am Harshal Thakare. I live in Nagpur with family.

Indians are incomplete without family, friends, community, and religion. These things contribute a lot to make a complete person. These things have been a great influence in my life.

There are many examples in nature which shows a change and for me nature’s water cycle is the best example. I feel connected to this example. In this example of water cycle, I put me on place of water or I consider myself as water, flowing water.

On holy day 28-04-1993 I born, just after birth my journey started as water. Just after birth I am part of family, community, state, country. After sometime friends also start coming in life.

One day my parents admitted me in school, and then I became a part of channel called ‘School’. Education came in my life, which taught me, how to flow? Where I have to go? Every year I passed one stage and still doing the same, just channels are changing. First one was school, second was polytechnic and now in college.

While flowing through these channels, by holding a hand of family, I went through as a part of community, accompanied by friends, carrying teachings of parents, family, teachers, and religion. So many pollutants , impurities , garbage and many such unwanted things I carried as part of me, some of them was visible but most of them was dissolved within me , which changed my colour , properties, characteristics , qualities made me impure only waste . At times many people called me “Spoiled child”. That was worst time in my parent’s life.

When I was in tenth standard, some of turning points came in my life and I think my journey of change from waste to best got started and credit of those turning points goes to my father and my school teachers. My father showed many good paths, he tried to awaken me and I think because of his efforts taken in tenth standard I am alive today.

On those turning points, I just changed wrong doings, stopped doing wrong. But I had not changed from within. The dissolved impurities was the same, with them I was just flowing with up’s and down’s in life and somehow I reached the third year of polytechnic.

When I was in 5th semester of third year polytechnic, something remarkable took place in my life. I still remember very clearly, that time was final submission time. In the evening of 27th September 2011, my friend called me and said “bhai! There is three day conference, if we will attend this conference then we will get three extra days for final submission”, I immediately replied “yesss”. To avoid submission I attended Nagpur Regional Conference 2011, where God introduced me to IofC–LMAD.

I still remember that atmosphere of three day conference. It was like introduction to IofC, or I felt it like trailer of National Youth Conference. Very powerful, emotional, refreshing three days I have experienced. That conference was like the best reality check of my life, totally shaken and shocked after reading what I had written during quite time in regional conference. In that youth conference we all were introduced to the four absolute principals of IofC-LMAD which are Honest, Purity , Love and Unselfishness. There was Quiet time diary writing and introspection. All this along with various exercises, inputs, sharing and discussions.

As I mentioned above before attending the conference, I was like polluted waste flowing water. But after attending conference, I got whole water treatment plant in form of ideas, teachings of MRA–IofC. When I put myself in the newly found water treatment plan, I found my dissolved impurities within. I found the real me.

After the Nagpur Conference, I attended two National Youth Conferences and one December workshop. And every time I met new ideas, teachings, friends, guides and many new things to work upon. In the December workshop of 2013, I was one of lucky persons who got chance to experience richness of ideas, teachings, quite time, joy and like every time many new things to work on. With upgraded ideas, teachings, and practices of IofC-LMAD. This workshop was best amongst the past conferences which I have attended, most needed for me to think and solve some issues within and to strengthen the good which I am developing within me. It was very intense, very helpful.

Everything which I learned from IofC-LMAD it helping me at great extent in every aspect of my life. From these values, teachings, practices in every quite time I get something good for me for world. For me the whole IofC-LMAD is like an ocean, whenever you will dive deep into it you will find something precious.

The best result of change in my life is, today I am the backbone of family, best friend of father, mother, sister. Today they are very happy with me. After involving and practicing teachings of IofC, biggest achievement for me and my family is my Diploma in Engineering with first class, it’s like miracle for others. My approach towards my studies is getting wider and willingness to study honestly deeply is increasing day by day. Now I changed my bad eating and drinking habits, I think everyone is happy with my behaviour.

Most important thing for me is, today I have respect in family, friends, relatives, community, school, college, in good as well as bad people. One of the great achievements for me is my control over my emotions, my mind and body which came through quite time and introspection. Because of this positive change I lost many people in life who was integral people of my life.

It’s tough to write down the every thought, every word in mind correctly. But I know, where I am, where I want to go, who I am, what I want to be and how I will do this. Today I feel equipped because I know how to achieve, how to overcome setbacks, how to execute plans. Now things are becoming simpler and life is becoming better every day.

While flowing in the journey of life, I would like to put myself in the treatment plant called “IofC-LMAD” everyday. So one day I will be the best, the example of excellence in every aspect of life. Wish to introduce this weapon of positive change to every individual in world. Thank you god for making me part of these great Institution, organization Initiatives of change.

Harshal Thakare

Email - hthakare9@gmail.com

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