Harpreet Gandhi - Raipur, Chhattisgarh


I am Harpreet Gandhi a dentist by profession.

I have been associated to Let's Make A Difference, initiatives of change since the year 2012.

Everyone has a story and my journey started from Nagpur where was studying. I had come across Let's Make A Difference Conference for the first time in Nagpur. It was a regional conference for 3days.

And I was thinking to explore what it was all about so I liked it and a 3days off from my college was sounding good, I enjoyed the conference which ended on a positive note. Later the same year I got an opportunity to go to Panchgani in June.

When I went there the place Asia Plateau was mesmerising I didn't even know how this 8 days gonna be, there were so many questions striking in my mind.

The first time I was introduced to an unique idea of "Quiet Time" which is the essence of the conference for me, it helped me to know a "Newer Version of Myself "

The idea of "Quiet Time" was completely different which unfolded so many things.I am a person who had never ever been alone nor I ever like to sit alone but here it was me and a dairy in-front of me.

The journey of Self Realisation started from here. This was the time when I could analyse what kind of a person I was and my behaviour.

When I started writing about myself the first page I completed and re-read I found how Arrogant, Selfish I was, keeping upset with my family especially disrespecting my Dad whatever I say is right and others wrong driven by ego and rage, knowing how bad I was from within. It was not that I didn't love my dad but there were clashes and lots of misunderstanding, my rudeness and egoism were always dominant. Something held me back that why should "I" do. For me "I" was more important than anything.

One of the sessions made it more clear where I am going wrong and how to clean the dirt which is within myself.

This is the only place where I saw people accepting you even you don't accept your self, with so much of positivity around where I was not accused nor judged infact finding out ways together and not forcing for anything.

They all follow and were practising 4 values Purity Honesty Unselfishness and Love (PHUL) which were so basic to listen as I have heard in my moral classes during school time and I was missing all these from my life. Even having a clear picture in front where "I" was wrong and even after accepting that I was very rude with my dad I again tried to apologise but my ego was stopping me to say Sorry I did not have guts to do that, a big fight between my inner voice and my ego started and that time also my ego won. It took time but as I started practising "Quiet Time" my ego started becoming smaller and I apologised later to my Dad just by making a small move which I never did earlier nor would ever be able to do.

The journey bought an immense change in my behaviour, being Honest and Pure within oneself is difficult although but practising it brought satisfaction or else I would have missed knowing myself. This conference made me discover something that "Nourishes Soul bringing Positivity and Love". This is what I felt but attending the youth conference will make anyone get to know a "Better Version of their own".

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