Gayatri Pingale - Pune, Maharashtra


When I look back into myself before the 1st of June 2018 I was nothing but a 18 year old teenage girl struggling with her own self, not knowing what I wanted, not knowing where I belonged and not having a purpose in life.

Asia plateau is where my journey to change started. Those 8 days at LMAD passed like minutes. Each day came with new opportunities and learning.

I found a new family of 275 members, and each one simply a new book which had so much to share and I had so much to learn from them. Awareness is where I belonged and those 28 people who taught me what it like is to be with each other like one. I always ignored all the sacrifices my parents made for me, but now I realise every mistake of mine.

On the 8th of June I stepped out of Asia plateau with a new vision and perspective towards life knowing where I would want to see myself in the next few years and having a positive outlook. LMAD got me to have completely transformed into a calm girl with huge dreams and aims in life. LMAD has been a guiding light in this dark world.

1st to 8th June is what I will be looking forward to each year.

Stories of Change

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