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About Deepali Thakkar

I am Deepali from Nagpur. I am a lawyer by profession practicing in the Nagpur High Court. I was introduced to the concept of MRA in the year 2014 by my brother.

Deepali Thakkar's Story of Change

The moment I stepped into the Asia Plateau, I was mesmerised by the surrounding and fell in love with the place. I could feel the magic of the place that had some positivity in itself; however, I was completely clueless about the transformation that would take place in my life in the next eight days. Couple of days went in enjoying the beauty of the place and company of new people. The rest of the days were the days of realisation where I could analyze my true inner self.

In those days, I could analyze "who am I?"; "What I wanted to be?" and "what I am becoming!". Due to the negativity and unrealistic approach towards life, my life was miserable to say the least. The problem that I faced since I came to my senses was that I could never accept the practicality of life and the changes in life. And the negativity was nothing but my ego which was so big in itself, that it created a never ending gap between me and my ‘near and dear-ones’ and I never took initiative to bridge the gap and was least bothered about it. I was satisfied and contended with this attitude of mine, and never feared that such attitude will take me nowhere, but to a never ending loneliness. I was becoming selfish and a self centred person, all because of my ego. Though I was never like that.

Since childhood I am blessed with all the good things in life, still I was feeling unhappy and left out but could not analyze what was making me feel so. I was so heavy hearted, sad and confused and wanted to get out of that but was not able to find the right way. It was the ‘FAMILY DAY SESSION’ that left a deeper impact and made me realize what is going on inside of me. When I came to know what other people are facing, only then I realized that I hardly had any problem, it was all within me and my outlook towards life. That day I realized the importance of ‘family’, ‘friends’ and ‘positivity in life’. I believe that having loving, caring and friendly siblings are one of the best blessings in life and I have that, the only thing was I always took them as granted. And I cried a lot that day and the negativity which had taken deep roots inside me washed away as the tears rolled down. And the next moment I experienced bliss and positivity in me. I am not saying that I changed or transformed immediately and completely but the ‘Quiet-Time’ after the family session actuated a major transformation in my life.

That night I understood one more thing, that how much it is easy to be with your bad qualities and how much it is difficult to burn the negativity and bad qualities inside you. The only thought of burning my ego made me restless and compelled me to think that how we are allowing our negativity to take over the positivity inside us and getting far away from our inner selves and how we are becoming a never ending enemy to ourselves. But I am happy and glad that, after realizing, I took the initiative to rebuild my broken relations with my dear ones; and it worked and I am successful in creating that bond again.

One thing I always cherish about the youth conference is the practice of Quiet time. Quiet Time helped me to rediscover an innocent child inside me, which was always there but was over shadowed due to the negativity. Quiet time helped me a lot to come out of the so called problems in life which was again not a problem but my outlook towards life.

From my childhood, I have been listening to people saying ‘listen to god’s voice’, but never understood what was that. After coming to MRA, I realized that your inner voice is the real god’s voice, and realized it’s only you who can give answers to your questions and nobody else. For that we have to listen to our inner voice and that we can do so only by practicing Quiet time. For these many years, I had been struggling with myself and was trying to find out answers to the questions raised by my ego. And thank god and thanks to MRA, I got not all but many answers to my questions and have complete faith that will get all the answers one day.

After the youth conference, I started realising that the step towards change is acceptance and I slowly trying to accept the changes and realise the positive aspect of being practical and I can see the reality of life. Slowly and steadily I am learning and the process will go on as the journey never ends.

Stories of Change

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