Chinmayi Shaligram - Nashik, Maharashtra


Exactly 11 months ago I was introduced to the MRA center for the first time. I was totally clueless about what was going to happen here in the next 7 days, but at the end of this conference I received something which I did not experience before. Asia Plateau taught me to connect with my soul. It is one of the most quiet places I have ever visited in my life - indeed not a silent one because the “inner me” had millions of things to say.

On my journey of life in these past 11 months, things have really not changed a lot. But my attitude and approach towards them has definitely given a radical twist, which has surely made a difference in my life. People come and go in my life, giving me better and bitter experiences. Earlier I used to complain a lot about things which went wrong or something which goes out of my comfort zone. This place has taught me to ACCEPT things and proceed in life. Start ACCEPTING and stop EXPECTING was my biggest take away from lmad.

Even today I am not satisfied with my own behaviour and performance. I decide many things but at the end of the day I am unable to do all of them. In order to fix things out I do practice quiet time, but I fail to do it daily. Only when utter need of my inner voice is required, I genuinely do it.

Even after 11 months, it feels like I have returned from the conference yesterday. This is because the PHUL principles are helping me out to be even better in my life. People here, volunteers here and every single person I met here is missed, an extended family indeed. I can’t even express in words what this place has given me.

I think of this quote everytime I recollect the LMAD Youth Conference-
”The Meaning of life is to find your gift & the purpose of life is to give that gift away.” Every time I get different answers. I am really blessed to have such amazing parents and a bunch of few friends who have made my life wonderful within. Never before I had thanked them for what they have done for me. I used to take people for granted. I mean, I used to think these are common and such basic things which are not worth thanking. But after listening to different stories of people at the Youth Conference, I started to realize how lucky I am to have everything that I have.

I wish to do something for my Nation, but I am not able to decide in which way can I contribute towards its success. I Wish to contribute in making this world a better place to live in. But helping some NGOs and making a contribution in college social activities wont help me in achieving my goal. I want to make some major contribution towards India’s progess and make my parents proud. I am not worried though, because my quiet time will give me a solution to this question as well.

I also want to attend the LMAD conference this year. But I have a few internship plans and being a to be Final year student, its very necessary for me to focus on my carrer. I wish to meet you soon ! Thank you Sir for creating such a platform for the Ignited minds in the nation to be the person they desire to be.

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