Ankita Bajaj - Katni, Madhya Pradesh


"To change your life, you have to change yourself.
To change yourself, you have to change your mindset."
And this mindset was changed by LMAD YC 2017.

My journey started when I attended LMAD YC 2017. It created a deep impact in the core of my heart. I was introduced to the concept of quiet time. It embraced me to get my inner voice out to the world. The conference of eight days made me a happier person from inside. It taught me to live life on the four standards of purity, honesty, unselfishness and love. This journey gave me self motivation, ability to take decisions, quality of patience and forgiveness, good friends and memories to cherish forever.

I was fortunate and got an opportunity to be part of the December Workshop. I had heard about it but realised its depth when I attended it and surrendered myself.

I was very talkative and I hated to be quiet. Here I was made to remain quiet for longer hours. I realised that I hated to be quiet because I didn't want to face myself. It showed me Who I am and What am I doing with my life. I was living a life where I was running away from my fears and telling lies to myself at my own convenience. It gave me platform where I saw my true reflection by deep introspection.

Right from first day, we were given several questions to reflect upon and I was surprised by the answers I got. I came to know myself, my aims, my goals, my aspirations. Everything I thought was about improving myself. Then a new element was added 'I to WE'. Viral bhai also said - "Quiet time is not about thinking, it's about listening." I felt ashamed that I am thinking only about myself. It made me realise the sacrifices made by my parents to provide me the best of things and now it's time to broaden my vision and do something for my family and society.

I always used to be confused and  used to give up on various situations. Now my inner voice guides me by giving clarity in my moments of confusion and always says- "Don't run away from your fears. Take it as a challenge, accept it and overcome it". With my inner self I can look upon my flaws, bad habits and even find ways to work on them. What hit me the most is apart from being sad, I can be happy for so many reasons. Despite bad habits, we all have some good qualities which can help us in becoming a better person.

This workshop helped me rediscover an innocent child within me. All my worries vanished and were replaced with positive vibes, hopes and a new belief to be good and to do good. There is always something I need to work upon and I am evolving as a person; it also gives me immense pleasure when I am working on my thoughts which I had during my quiet time in the December workshop.

I thank Viral bhai for listening to me. I poured my heart out to him and felt relieved. It felt like a burden had been lifted off. I was able to be my true self with him without having to hide any secrets. The gratitude I felt towards him could not be expressed in words. LMAD gave me a family without any blood relation.

Ankita Bajaj - Katni (MP)

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