Alisha Nalvani - Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Hello, I am Alisha Navlani, an LMAD participant, a software engineer by education and a teacher by profession. I had heard many experiences about IofC from my cousin who used to carry on his journey every year. I never understood its worth till I myself surrendered into it. 1st June to 8th June 2015 is the time I can just never let go out of mind as it went deep within not just into my mind but also in my heart and soul. The warmth that you get by people's positive gestures creates a deep impact. Also, observing nature's role in our lives was one of the things I learnt at Asia Plateau.

Being a software engineer and becoming a teacher was out of choice. For this, I used to be cranky at workplace which this profession never allows. After attending different sessions here, the most prominent being the POWER OF ONE, I realised that I was not following the right path. The profound feelings that I got from my quiet time made me think about not just my life but those lives which were depending on me. I actually found peace from within. Being a rigid person, I was clear I am going to spend some days being left alone. But watching some fellow participants pouring their heart out towards me, I could get along in no time.

Regarding an importanymt day spent at AP which was the Family day, made me realise that however negative the situations are, my family is the most precious asset to me and I must fill those spaces soon. PHUL were the elements which were giving many benifits when each day proceeded.

The most essential thing that I took from there is QUIET TIME and Viral Sir's blessings. I think no one can take this from me. Now I am a happier person from inside and people recognise this change and wondered about it. Now with my inner self, I take no time to understand my flaws and work upon them effortlessly. I am currently working in the same environment as its not the environment that changed, Its me who adapted the Change and there is still a long way to conquer it.

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